Shi's application

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Shi's application

Post  Vaali on Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:27 pm

The ground breaks and the world burns. The Physical and Spiritual world collide briefly, changing the world forever.

An amount of time passes before the young Troll opens her eyes. The remains of her robe lies by the boiling waters edge, mostly reduced to ash. Her body shows signs of burns, but they seem to be regenerating quickly -Is that how it works?-.

Feelings? Thoughts? Touch? They seemed alien and exciting –Why?- Her memory seemed blank, everything felt new and old at the same time. The air is warm but she shivers, her eyes scan over the Oasis and the sundered lava filled crack. –The Barrens- Destruction, that was not there before, the boiling water felt comforting to her, but she dared not approach it, her body felt fragile. –Fire and Water, together-.

There is a sound, twigs breaking under hooves. She felt fear, it was a new sensation, she wanted to hide. She pressed herself low into the tall grass nearby, her body started to change, it seemed like a faint memory to her, but the muscles protested, unused to the manipulation. She was now a cat, agile and sleek, not the fastest of runners, but suited for blending with the surroundings. She watched and waited.

A centaur approached, a warrior of sorts judging by the sword he held. He looked strong, strong enough to break her sleek form in one blow. The Centaur sniffed the air, and turned towards where she lay, and readied his sword. Showing she had been sensed, her body began to change again, muscles expanding, hide hardening, bones strengthening. A powerful bear now waited in the grass, ready to intercept the Centaurs charge. The Centaur warrior rushed into combat, trying to strike down the shape-changer, but to no avail, his blows easily soaked by the bears hide. Eventually the bear managed a powerful swipe to the Centaurs temple, knocking him to the ground, but before she could finish him, the Centaur managed a guttural cry to alert friends nearby.

Soon she saw through the trees of the Oasis, five more Centaurs, moving swiftly towards her. –Run!- Her body changed smoothly again, legs becoming powerful, body streamlined, another feline form, built for running. She fled, leaping across the fiery chasm and sprinted south. A ruined village lies ahead –Death- she prowls into a ruined hut. Her form shifts back to her body, the burns now gone, she breaths deeply, the run was draining.

A robe lies in a corner of the hut, seemingly untouched by the destruction. She realises that leaving her body uncovered might be unwise, particularly when night falls and it becomes cold. She slips on the robe; it is comfortable against her skin, the simple cloth brushing against her, another new sensation. Why does she not remember this?

Distant voices drift over with the breeze, Orcs. Curious, she creeps out of the hut and away from the village to see where the voices came from, too tired to shift again, just keeping to the shadows and foliage. A huge gate seems to separate the next region from this one, two armoured Orcs stand before the gate conversing with each other.
“Keep an eye out for Trolls. Word is the Exiles are in the area.”
The other Orc sees someone watching them,
“You. Troll. Step out here and identify yourself” He hefts his axe. –Am I a Troll? I must be. But I am me more. But … who am I?-
The young Troll walks forward to the Orcs, straight backed and unafraid.
“I said Identify yourself”
The Troll considers this.
“I be she dat walks.”
“Shi?” He looks to the other Orc, “Check the list.”
The other Orc scans a piece of paper, “Not on here.”
The first looks back to the Troll “Are you a Darkspear, Troll?”
Shi takes a time to consider this thoughtfully, “No I be me.”
“Are you part of the Exiles?”
“What be exile?”
“I will take that as a no then. Pass, and don’t cause trouble.”
Shi walks on; ignoring the Orcs now she does not have to talk to them. Strange creatures.
-They said Trolls are here. Maybe they are like me. Maybe I can learn who I am. Experience new things-

She grins to herself, and begins to hum a nameless tune, as she walks on. The tune seems to resonate through her, making her giggle as it tickles down her spine, and she walks a little quicker, more cheerfully. Behind her flowers start to sprout out of the grassy planes.


Character Name*: Unknown, currently using Shi
Race, class ((and level))*: Troll, Druid, 31
Character Age: Unknown, young, just of age, probably 16 or 17
Physical description: Shi is a pretty young Troll, of average height. She is slim and seems quite agile in her movements. Her skin has no hair or moss like most Trolls, but seems to maintain the blue hue regardless. Her hair is worn mostly down, with a ritualised topknot component, of a purple-pink colour.
Personality: Inquisitive, cheerful (almost bubbly so), occasionally mysterious and ethereal.
Brief background story: Shi knows pretty much nothing about herself. However her body used to be that of an Apprentice shaman, who was communing with the Spirits at the time of the Cataclysmic ruination of the Barrens, which she was, unfortunately, right next to when it happened. The Shaman died, but rocked by the upheaval the Elemental Spirit she was communing with was knocked from its World into her body, the trauma and damage caused to the body, has left her with severe amnesia.
To those that have heightened sense of smell, she won’t smell like a Troll completely, she will smell like she has been touched by the Elemental Spirits, Fire and water specifically.
What are your character's motivations?: To discover who she is, failing that reinventing herself and finding somewhere to belong. Given what she is, the latter is far far more likely.
Your character's greatest strengths/weaknesses: Strength: She is very adaptable and highly motivated. Weakness: She is very inquisitive, her thirst to see whats going on or experiencing new things may well lead her into trouble.
What do you know about us, and why should we be interested in you?: You are Trolls, Orcs don’t like you. She is willing to do anything to fit in and belong.


RP-experience: Years and years or pen and paper, in WoW, forum, and LARP roleplaying.
Are you: willing to help guildies, partake in casual RP and RP events, and aware that whilst we do some pve content, this is not an endgame raiding guild?*: Totally


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Re: Shi's application

Post  Ryleen on Wed Dec 01, 2010 10:42 am

This sounds like a very unusual idea. Smile I have nothing to complain about in the application, so contact us ingame and we'll arrange for you to meet us. Though I think you already know where we are, so feel free to just show up.

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