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((Since joining i had some help shaping up Vajros background story better so heres the jewel))
Vajro was born in the outer parts of the Amani empire.He reached the age of war very close to the final war between Elves and Amani.
Fighting as a spear thrower he fough among the rest of the Amani in cruel joy.After downing one of the elven rangers Vajro felt that the bow the ranger had felt better then the spears deciding to use it instead.He stole the style of rangers by watching them fight and reading all picture scrolls he got his hands on.He was the most skilled range fighter alive, giving him high power.Vajro was given the lead against one of the sanctums of the elves.He succesfully slaughtered everyone inside the sanctum except one child.This child he of some reason decided to protect, ordering the rest of the trolls to send word of victory to the other Amani warlords.He smugled the child into his home in Zul´aman raising him as his own son.The child in return taught Vajro Thalassian making it even easier to learn the skills of the rangers.
Several years later Vajro and his son got caught in sparring, being judged for execution they where brought to the very sanctum Vajro had found the boy.As the execution was about to finish it all a single move of fate changed everything.
The elves had right in time charged the trolls re-claiming the sanctum and,thanks to the child leaving Vajro alive.
Instead he got banished from what now is Eversong woods.He together with his son left on two dragonhawks searching for somewhere to live.
During a storm they got split up both crashing far from each other.
Áfter waking up from the crash Vajro had lost his memory of everything that had taken place walked around without any idea of anything.
Not so long after the crash he spoted some blue skinned trolls fishing in the water.
Forgoten the tribe wars he ran to them hoping for some help, but instead got a spear agaisnt his throat.
He was brought to the tribe chieftan who told him that he had landed on the Echo Isles, Darkspear teritory.
The chieftan offered him a place in the tribe, which Vajro gladly accepted.
Vajro now being over 60 years old did his best to help in the tribe even with his ratling body.
He got convinced to join a kind of cult seing the nagas as masters of the world.This cult however was dispatched by one of the members showing the true nature of nagas.
The hole cult got cursed to suffer painfull deaths for leaving the nagas, such as sickness and drowning.
Vajro got attacked by a renegade dragon.The dragon lifted him high into the air ripping in the trolls old body.
His life was to end if not for the Eagle loa Akil´zon saving him.
In a blurr of feathers and dragon scales Vajro got thrown to the beach surviving the fall easily.
He was shocked over how easy the landing turned out.After getting out of the shock he noticed his body no longer had any moss on it and his hair was neither gray nor red.It was black.
After realizing he had been gifted a second life by Akil´zon he devoted it to the loa.
A few months later he found out that his son had been found and helped by some traveling Blood Knights.

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