Guild Meeting 22nd November

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Guild Meeting 22nd November Empty Guild Meeting 22nd November

Post  Vypra on Wed Nov 24, 2010 11:03 am

Guild Meeting 22nd November

At the meeting were Chabat, Gen男in, Kaz男o, Lahni, Hadunka, Vajro and, for a time, Razeal.

Firstly, Lahni confirmed the new news that Ryleen痴 son, Tam, was safely delivered and both mother and baby are now resting at their home in Dalaran. Spirits willing, they should be able to return to the valley soon so we can hold a celebration and welcome the newest and youngest member of our tribe.

Next, Kaz男o gave an update on the latest new from outside our little sanctuary. Orgrimmar is under attack by elementals and the city is in the process of being evacuated. It was difficult to be certain, but the rumour was that the Twilight Cult were behind this.

Vajro followed this up with the disturbing news that, in a bid to find a way to combat this threat, the Warchief, Thrall had returned to outlandleaving leadership of the Horde in the hands of Overlord Hellscream. Given our current standing as exiles of the Horde, it seems wisest for us all to stay away from Orgrimmar until Thrall returns and the threat from the elementals and the Warsong Orcs is past.

Hadunka gave us a very brief update on the Library, which is waiting for the machinery to keep the books in good condition to be finished, before Lahni announced some more happy news.

Hadunka and Lahni are to be married in the near future and they have been further blessed as Lahni is now with child. This is wonderful news for the tribe as we continue to grow and prosper.

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