Guild meeting 8th November

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Guild meeting 8th November

Post  Vypra on Tue Nov 09, 2010 10:54 pm

Guild meeting 8th November

At the meeting were Ryleen, Hadunka, Vajro, Nimnir, Geníjin, Chabat, Euphrati and Lahni ((not sure if Ziri was supposed to be there icíly?)). We were also joined by our Elven Ďhostageí Sariia.

Ryleen introduced us all to Sariia and explain that, as she will be staying with us, we will be speaking Orcish in her presence until she has been able to learn some Zandali.

The matriarch then informed us of her latest meeting with representatives from the Theatre. An elf, an orc and a forsaken were present though they chose not to identify themselves and Ryleen was accompanied by Hadunka. Initially, the theatre members asked for Sariia to be returned but once Ryleen informed them that their Leader Two-smileí expressed no interest in her return, they considered the meeting over.

Ryleenís demand for the theatre to hand over the one responsible for Lahniís torture was met with flat refusal, clearly fearing no reprisal from us. However, the matriarch assured us that she and Hadunka have a plan of action in mind to force them to take us seriously though they intend to keep it between the two of them for the present.

In keeping with her role as Geníjinís Ďslaveí Sariia must dress the part. Chabat will obtain some more suitable clothing for her as soon as possible.

It will also help to maintain the illusion if people can find tasks for her. Nobody should get carried away, but any jobs that require an extra pair of hands may be suitable. Please contact Geníjin or Ryleen beforehand to ensure the tasks are appropriate.

After a somewhat charged discussion, Ryleen joined Sariia to the spirit link.

Just before the meeting was called to a close, Swamp was admitted to the gathering. As ever, she sought to keep us informed of developments with the House of Sylvanas, though this time, we did of course, already know of her fatherís return.

Ryleen warned Swamp that we may have to admit a representative of the House to AntuíRah and that she might be best avoiding Stranglethorn for the immediate future.

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Re: Guild meeting 8th November

Post  Kaz'jo on Wed Nov 10, 2010 5:46 pm

Ziri was away from the valley ICly, though i suppose Kaz would be around. Also, one orc eavesdropping.
Also... why every plot I hoped to attend must unfold while I am away? T_T

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