day of the dead ceremony and meeting Log 1st November

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day of the dead ceremony and meeting Log 1st November

Post  Vypra on Tue Nov 02, 2010 2:21 am

11/1 19:08:08.203 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Ryleen: Gen'jin?
11/1 19:09:32.515 Chabat picks up her bag
11/1 19:10:21.562 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Genjin: Yes?
11/1 19:10:31.125 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Ryleen: You will have to hold the guild meeting tonight.
11/1 19:10:35.421 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Genjin: Oh?
11/1 19:10:39.437 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Genjin: whys is that?
11/1 19:10:42.468 Chabat sighs

11/1 19:10:50.359 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Ryleen: I have been called to Fenris Keep.
11/1 19:10:57.953 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Genjin: Fenris keep...
11/1 19:11:15.125 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Genjin: May we know what matter, is so important?
11/1 19:11:18.703 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Hadunka: Guards are heading out now Ry'jin .. were do we meet you?
11/1 19:11:20.468 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Ryleen: I will be bringing Hadunka and Kaz'jo with me.
11/1 19:11:29.390 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Ryleen: Grom'gol. I'll be there soon.
11/1 19:11:42.281 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Ryleen: The old Dark Lord has been ressurected, Gen'jin.
11/1 19:11:49.062 Chabat shudders

11/1 19:12:22.359 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Hadunka: I will brin Lahni as well Ry'jin ... I do not trust the smellys one bit
11/1 19:12:51.718 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Ryleen: You and Kaz'jo are enough.
11/1 19:13:24.031 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Ryleen: I trust Raeven to keep his word and nothing will go wrong. And if it does, it will make little difference if there's two or three of you, I'll remove us from there by magic.
11/1 19:13:47.218 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Lahní: As compared to the other times, where that has not worked?
11/1 19:14:18.812 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Hadunka: Yes I am aware that one more will not make a diferenc in a fight agains them in there own keep Ry. But I will bring her any way.
11/1 19:15:04.125 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Kazjo: Bring who?
11/1 19:15:14.109 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Genjin: So sure? You don't wan't her to remain with us? safe
11/1 19:15:43.218 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Ryleen: I said no.
11/1 19:17:27.140 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Hadunka: YOu asked me for ho to bring. Then it was not a question oof Fenris Keep Ry'jin
11/1 19:17:36.015 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Hadunka: Then it was Shatrat
11/1 19:18:10.656 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Ryleen: I'm not going to argue about this.
11/1 19:18:39.125 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Ryleen: Gen'jin, you will hold the ceremony at the graveyard, and then the meeting. I will tell you everything that happened once we get back.
11/1 19:18:56.296 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Chabat: Ceremony?

11/1 19:18:57.328 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Genjin: As you wish Matriarch
11/1 19:19:02.843 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Hadunka: Werry well Ry'JIN. I will not bring her
11/1 19:19:03.265 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Genjin: Today be the day of the dead remember?
11/1 19:19:04.812 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Kazjo: I am in the camp, Ryleen.
11/1 19:19:28.000 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Ryleen: I'll be there shortly
11/1 19:19:44.640 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Genjin: We will hold our meeting by the graveyard today. we will pay our respects to those we lost, and bring them offerings
11/1 19:19:59.062 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Chabat: oh...i wish somebody had said
11/1 19:20:00.203 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Hadunka: So will i
11/1 19:20:01.734 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Genjin: Before we hold the meeting
11/1 19:20:53.609 Lahní rushes past.

11/1 19:28:36.875 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Euphrati: (tired voice)No meeting tonight... or where are everyone?
11/1 19:29:05.796 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Chabat: I'm at the graveyard Euphrati, i think the meeting is going to be a little bit delayed

11/1 19:29:25.187 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Vajro: I apology but i got blocked by some Gurubashi warriors

11/1 19:29:42.484 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Euphrati: ...okey

11/1 19:29:52.843 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Genjin: We hold the Meeting at the graveyard. I am sorry I Forgot to put up a notice, in the town hall

11/1 19:32:04.156 Genjin says: Evening

11/1 19:32:12.187 Chabat says: [Troll] hello
11/1 19:32:18.500 You greet Vajro with a hearty hello!
11/1 19:32:22.859 Vajro says: Am i in bad timing?
11/1 19:32:35.437 You look at Genjin.
11/1 19:32:38.718 Genjin says: [Troll] No not at all, the meeting will be here
11/1 19:32:44.921 Chabat says: [Troll] well, i;ve been here alone for a while now
11/1 19:32:47.156 Chabat smiles
11/1 19:33:06.828 Vajro says: A different meeting place today.Why?
11/1 19:33:34.015 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Genjin: [Troll] All, who has yet to realise it. The meeting will be held at the Graveyard today. In traditonal day of the dead manner, There will be a short ritual of offering before the meeting begin

11/1 19:33:47.109 Genjin says: [Troll] Asnwer enough
11/1 19:33:48.921 Vajro says: I see
11/1 19:33:49.281 Genjin smiles at Vajro.
11/1 19:33:59.328 Vajro says: A moment im gonna change

11/1 19:36:21.093 Vajro says: Hmmm?
11/1 19:36:25.343 You greet Euphrati warmly.
11/1 19:36:32.765 Vajro says: Who are you dont think ive seen you
11/1 19:36:52.015 Euphrati ignores Vajro and nods greeting to Chabat
11/1 19:36:57.578 Chabat says: [Troll] its alright Vajro
11/1 19:37:31.531 Euphrati says: [Troll] Have seen you... You knew here right.
11/1 19:37:42.093 Vajro says: Hmmm
11/1 19:37:44.203 Genjin says: [Troll] She be one of our finest. Eeuphrati. this is Vajro
11/1 19:37:44.531 Euphrati sounds very tired on voice
11/1 19:37:51.140 Vajro bows before Euphrati.
11/1 19:37:56.171 You look at Euphrati.
11/1 19:38:12.593 Vajro says: Pleased to meet you Euphrati
11/1 19:38:13.625 Euphrati nods at Vajro.
11/1 19:38:16.484 Genjin says: [Troll] [low] Don't let her get to ye. it's her profession to know things
11/1 19:38:23.656 Genjin leans over to vajro and whispers
11/1 19:38:40.078 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Genjin: [Troll] Hmm, are any more coming today?
11/1 19:38:47.375 Vajro says: [low]Funny thats how i do as well.
11/1 19:39:17.546 Vajro kneels down.

11/1 19:39:25.328 Euphrati says: [Troll] But i guess your doesnt involve murder.
11/1 19:39:46.656 Genjin clears his throat at Euphrati. Enough
11/1 19:39:50.546 Vajro looks shocked at Euphrati.
11/1 19:40:04.500 Euphrati says: [Troll] Sorry Primal.
11/1 19:40:14.812 Euphrati kneels to the altar to
11/1 19:40:18.281 Euphrati kneels before Genjin.
11/1 19:40:43.375 Vajro mumbles something hardly hearable.

11/1 19:40:46.578 Genjin says: [Troll] Well. It seems we are not gonna be more today. I have to report that The matriarch will be abcent today: as she has been called of to a meeting with the House. she has taken hadunka, Lahni and Kazjo with her
11/1 19:40:48.125 Vajro says: Interestng

11/1 19:41:35.656 Vajro says: Will this be of ritual dancing or oferings?
11/1 19:41:45.390 Genjin says: [Troll] as you might know, today is the day of the dead. which is why i've decided to host todays meeting at the graveyard
11/1 19:41:47.875 Euphrati grunts annoyed at what she hear

11/1 19:41:57.843 Chabat nods
11/1 19:42:03.312 Vajro says: Since your loa is Bwonsandi you should be expert of this area
11/1 19:42:12.859 Genjin says: [Troll] Yes, now. let me speak
11/1 19:42:23.656 Genjin clears his throat
11/1 19:42:24.531 Chabat giggles quietly
11/1 19:43:02.656 Genjin says: [Troll] I will put up the needed ritual totems and Spirit Candles

11/1 19:44:10.718 Genjin says: [Troll] You will all then have the upertunity to pray for those we have lost. for 10 minutes. I will also serve a ritual brew, that will allow your spiritual senses to sharpen, so that you may comune with the ancestors better

11/1 19:45:04.828 Vajro sighs pondering if he have any deads to honor.
11/1 19:45:08.218 Chabat takes out her notebook and makes notes on the ritual
11/1 19:46:10.875 Vajro kneels down.

11/1 19:47:03.656 Vajro kneels before Genjin.
11/1 19:48:05.296 Genjin says: [Troll] There, You may move freely around the graveyard, but pay respect to those who rest
11/1 19:48:20.468 Vajro says: As you wish
11/1 19:48:26.515 Chabat smiles and finishes writing
11/1 19:48:36.812 You kneel before Vajro.
11/1 19:48:47.515 Vajro says: Question if i have any to honour...
11/1 19:48:50.078 Chabat knelt before the altar
11/1 19:49:04.781 Genjin says: [Troll] I will say a few words myself, as the represant leader in honor of those who fell for the heritage
11/1 19:49:15.109 Chabat places an offering of Bread of the Dead on the altar
11/1 19:49:49.218 In quiet contemplation, Vajro mourns the loss of the dead.
11/1 19:50:33.984 Chabat says: [Troll] (low) Zanick, momma, poppa...i miss you. please take this offering, and give me your advice
11/1 19:51:06.031 Chabat closes her eyes

11/1 19:51:10.468 Euphrati look at the altar, scratches her palm at one of her tusks
11/1 19:52:05.109 Euphrati kneels down.
11/1 19:52:47.484 Euphrati says: [Troll] Brothers and sister of Vilebranch. If you hear i hope your lives finally gone peaceful.
11/1 19:52:59.046 In quiet contemplation, you mourn the death of Vajro.
11/1 19:54:23.109 Chabat says: [Troll] (low) Mok, Tala, Ubo...spirits bless you and keep you safe until we are all united in the realm of the dead
11/1 19:54:54.062 Euphrati says: [Troll] All you dead by my blade, It was never personal.
11/1 19:55:22.921 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Genjin: [Troll], If all are ready. Head to the high rise. I will peform a speach in honor of those we lost
11/1 19:55:34.687 Chabat places gift suitable for children and some more Bread of the Dead on the altar
11/1 19:56:43.968 Euphrati sits leaning against the pole
11/1 19:56:48.343 Genjin says: [Troll] I see that all are present, So I will begin
11/1 19:57:07.796 Genjin says: [Troll] Today, be a special day. a day blessed by Sam'di
11/1 19:57:22.437 Vajro says: Who?
11/1 19:57:36.390 Chabat glances over at Vajro

11/1 19:58:00.078 Genjin says: [Troll] today be that day of the year, where those who rests, awakens for one day
11/1 20:03:29.046 Genjin says: [Troll] and as traditon goes, we will gather to meet and honor them
11/1 20:04:16.437 Genjin says: [Troll] The Heritage would not be what it is today, without the sacrifice, peforemd by each individual member. and those whom made the greates we will honor today
11/1 20:05:22.218 Chabat nods
11/1 20:06:06.531 Genjin says: [Troll] Zanick, she was a close friend of us. In the Warlords abcense she held Us together, and lead us through hard times. We mourn her loss, and honor her with a token
11/1 20:06:33.093 Genjin thows a token into the fire
11/1 20:06:38.515 Euphrati nods respectng to the words
11/1 20:06:58.921 Chabat smiles, remembering Zanick

11/1 20:06:58.937 Genjin says: [Troll] Corigo, a brave and valiant defender of our noble cause, and our family
11/1 20:07:11.515 Genjin says: [Troll] We pray that his spirit may find rest
11/1 20:07:25.906 Chabat bites her lip
11/1 20:07:35.078 Vajro looks at you.
11/1 20:07:52.906 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Hadunka: I am not leting them inside the valley Ry
11/1 20:07:54.640 Genjin prays to the Gods.
11/1 20:08:29.500 Chabat tilts her head

11/1 20:08:49.531 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Chabat: What's going on?
11/1 20:09:31.468 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Kazjo: He wants to "review" our "military strength". But I do not think Ryleen would allow them inside.
11/1 20:09:35.359 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Euphrati: The house coming in?
11/1 20:09:43.687 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Vajro: What?!
11/1 20:09:49.359 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Lahní: Keep it quiet.
11/1 20:09:57.718 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Hadunka: No they are not

11/1 20:10:02.078 Genjin says: [Troll] And finally, though, they were only members in spirit. we mourn the loss of the Matriarch adoptive Children, the 3 orcs Mok..Ubo... and Tala

11/1 20:10:02.265 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Chabat: Miliatry strength? did nobody remind him of the terms of our exile?
11/1 20:10:17.718 Chabat nods
11/1 20:10:21.750 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Lahní: The Matriarch is in a meeting, I hope you can all remain quiet and allow her to think?
11/1 20:10:22.187 Euphrati stands up of what she hears on link
11/1 20:10:35.375 Chabat frowns
11/1 20:11:03.937 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Hadunka: Grrrr .. as long as they stay away from our lands we will not treten them
11/1 20:11:09.140 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Lahní: *her speech carries a slight tone of... "And if not... things might not be so peaceful" *
11/1 20:11:29.656 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Vajro: Speak for yourself Hadunka

11/1 20:11:43.609 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Lahní: Vajro. Be quiet.
11/1 20:11:48.093 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Euphrati: Dont!...
11/1 20:11:54.062 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Vajro: Hmph

11/1 20:12:02.000 Genjin says: [Troll] We mourn the loss, not because they were children of our matirarch, but because, in thier time among us. they made their way to our homes, as our hearts

11/1 20:12:20.843 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Hadunka: I am not Varjo ... and you do well to remeber we are not goign to attack them. I will put you down my self if you do ... as it endagers us al

11/1 20:12:22.062 Chabat nods

11/1 20:12:31.578 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Euphrati: Ive gone through too much for you to ruin it all by insulting them
11/1 20:12:37.609 Genjin throws 3 little ragdols into the flames
11/1 20:12:55.515 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Vajro: Very well
11/1 20:13:04.093 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Lahní: Everybody be quiet damnit! *this is the closest to a shout thoughts can be*
11/1 20:13:36.156 Chabat winces
11/1 20:13:41.656 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Hadunka: Minde if I make a coment her Ry? consernign the oil rig
11/1 20:13:58.156 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Ryleen: What do you want to say?

11/1 20:14:11.218 Chabat sighs and tries to pay attention to Gen'jin again
11/1 20:14:14.203 Euphrati breathe heavy but is calming down, pay attantion back to Genjin
11/1 20:14:33.843 Genjin closes his eyes as he prays
11/1 20:14:35.906 Genjin prays to the Gods.

11/1 20:14:36.843 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Hadunka: That I am the one handelign the contakt with the oilrig and i like how that have bin don so far from the hous .. but you said that alredy so no matter
11/1 20:14:55.343 Genjin says: [Troll] Spirits watch over us
11/1 20:15:01.531 Vajro cheers at Genjin!
11/1 20:15:06.859 Genjin nods.
11/1 20:15:10.593 Vajro says: Well spoken
11/1 20:15:18.562 Euphrati says: [Troll] (Low) Spirits watch over us.
11/1 20:15:57.718 Genjin says: [Troll] Now, that each of us, has paid our respect to those who in life where us near
11/1 20:16:48.453 Genjin says: [Troll] and we have, as an organisation honored the lost members. We shall proceed with the weekly meeting, please do gather around the fire. let those we lost, be a part of this meeting
11/1 20:17:16.296 Chabat takes out her notebook again and prepares to write
11/1 20:17:20.593 Vajro as always stays a bit away.
11/1 20:18:55.671 Genjin says: [Troll] Now, this meeting may begin. Does anyone have any subjects they wish to bring up?
11/1 20:19:46.765 Chabat says: [Troll] um, well, i had something i needed to ask you...but it was a personal thing

11/1 20:20:01.703 Vajro says: Should i leave for a moment then?
11/1 20:20:09.312 Euphrati says: [Troll] Most why did all go with Ryleen, did she told us only one guard was needed.

11/1 20:20:16.171 Euphrati sound annoyed
11/1 20:20:21.078 Genjin says: [Troll] Very well, I will not ask of you to make it official, we can take that after the meeting.
11/1 20:20:26.609 Chabat nods
11/1 20:20:30.359 You look at Euphrati.
11/1 20:20:59.828 Vajro says: [Troll] Genjin
11/1 20:21:04.109 Genjin says: [Troll] Well, I myself do not complain, I rever her safty above all. better have her among us a little longer
11/1 20:21:05.640 Genjin says: [Troll] yes?
11/1 20:21:20.046 Vajro says: [Troll] Since you are a shaman will you be helping the earthern ring?
11/1 20:21:43.984 You peer at Vajro searchingly.

11/1 20:22:18.265 Vajro looks wonderingly at Chabat
11/1 20:22:32.500 Chabat says: [Troll] What are the earthen ring doing?
11/1 20:22:53.546 Chabat looks back to Gen'jin
11/1 20:22:59.984 Genjin says: [Troll] as much as I wish,to use what shamastic abilities i've learned from the orc. I will attend to the matters of the heritage first and foremost. I have yet to reach contact with them, But i heard some rumores in booty bay, from adventures
11/1 20:23:00.109 Euphrati says: [Troll] Who are they even?
11/1 20:24:15.328 Genjin says: [Troll] The earthen ring, they are a great gathering of shamans, of this world. they Tend to the worlds elements, rather than thier origin factions rivaleries
11/1 20:24:19.593 Vajro says: [Troll] The earthern ring is a collection of powerfull shamans who tries to help the earth kinda like the cenarion circle.Heard of them?

11/1 20:24:30.765 Genjin nods at Vajro.
11/1 20:24:52.593 Vajro says: [Troll] Well anyway i must admit i am happy you are staying
11/1 20:25:09.765 Genjin says: [Troll] though the cenarion circle is more conerned about the beasts of the azeroth, rather than the World we live in as a whole
11/1 20:25:13.312 Euphrati nods at Vajro.
11/1 20:25:33.703 Vajro says: [Troll] I only said "kinda"
11/1 20:26:13.546 Vajro says: [Troll] Genjin ive heard of some rumors about...Deathwing
11/1 20:26:26.171 Euphrati says: [Troll] Whowing?
11/1 20:26:28.484 Chabat says: [Troll] Deathwing?!
11/1 20:27:30.078 Chabat says: [Troll] but he's just a legend...isn't he?
11/1 20:27:35.656 Vajro says: [Troll] I hope so

11/1 20:29:17.765 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Kazjo: Better not insult him, Ryleen
11/1 20:29:21.578 Vajro says: [Troll] Well maybe not but the earthquakes the animals are running wild.On my way here a was attacked by several elementals!
11/1 20:29:43.031 Chabat blinks

11/1 20:29:53.296 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Lahní: *barely audible thoughts are heard over the link*
11/1 20:30:03.328 Genjin says: [Troll] hmm, I noticed the elementals, new behaviour too
11/1 20:30:10.968 Chabat mutters 'so that's what she meant'
11/1 20:30:36.375 Vajro says: [Troll] Well of course your a shaman this must be obvious to you but still this cannot be good can it?
11/1 20:30:46.156 Genjin says: [Troll] Somthing is up with them. But I can't reach contact with any of them-
11/1 20:30:50.265 Genjin nods at Vajro.
11/1 20:30:52.500 Genjin tells Vajro NO. Not going to happen.
11/1 20:31:29.421 Euphrati says: [Troll] I should worry more of return of Archanazg and the warsong blades than some old legend of an dragon.
11/1 20:31:36.328 You agree with Euphrati.

11/1 20:31:39.109 Genjin says: [Troll] First. I am not a shaman, I am a Shadow hunter, I learned abit of shamanism from the orcs and taurens.
11/1 20:31:42.796 Genjin nods at Vajro.
11/1 20:31:52.234 Vajro says: [Troll] Is there something...Anything i can do?All ive done so far is helping a few animals
11/1 20:32:19.921 Vajro says: [Troll] Well as nothing else you know some shamanism..more than me or any others here

11/1 20:32:31.421 Genjin says: [Troll] Euphrati speaks true. The elementals strange behavious is to concern, but we have our own issues. and I am sure there are others more qualified for this task than us
11/1 20:33:02.593 Vajro says: [Troll] What did she say Archanazg?
11/1 20:33:19.890 Genjin says: [Troll] We all have our place in this world Vajro, You keep doing what you do.

11/1 20:33:55.828 Vajro says: [Troll] But i...
11/1 20:35:04.625 Chabat says: [Troll] A-archnazg was...the former leader of the House of Sylvanas
11/1 20:35:23.765 Chabat blushes

11/1 20:35:29.125 Vajro says: [Troll] What happended?
11/1 20:35:32.000 Genjin says: [Troll] He was... taken care off
11/1 20:35:34.593 Chabat says: [Troll] we thought he was dead....
11/1 20:35:42.546 Chabat says: [Troll] but now he's b-back
11/1 20:36:17.968 Genjin says: [Troll] which is why the Matriarch is away.
11/1 20:36:18.328 Euphrati says: [Troll] He have... Extreme methods when active.

11/1 20:36:26.046 Vajro says: [Troll] And hes an undead?And this ones okay to kill right?
11/1 20:36:27.828 Genjin nods at Euphrati.
11/1 20:36:33.687 Genjin says: [Troll] Not quite
11/1 20:36:43.656 Chabat says: [Troll] its not that simple Vajro
11/1 20:36:47.093 Euphrati says: [Troll] Were at peace for the moment.
11/1 20:36:52.171 Vajro beats his head in the nearby pillar.
11/1 20:37:06.953 Genjin says: [Troll] With his faction, which shoould be lead by another now

11/1 20:37:12.734 Vajro says: [Troll] So the House welcomes her back?!
11/1 20:37:18.453 Vajro says: [Troll] Him
11/1 20:37:41.093 Chabat says: [Troll] we don't know what the situation is yet
11/1 20:37:57.078 Chabat says: [Troll] that's Why Ryleen and the others have gone to meet them
11/1 20:38:02.328 Chabat sighs
11/1 20:38:07.015 Genjin says: [Troll] He still have many loyal subjects, within the house. those who out of need acepted the new leader, might be his tools to regain comand
11/1 20:38:41.312 Chabat says: [Troll] trust me, i don;t like it any more than you do. Archnazg is a monster
11/1 20:38:49.343 Vajro says: [Troll] I almost hope he starts a fight i hate being friends with...Undeads

11/1 20:38:58.062 Vajro spits out the last word.
11/1 20:39:30.015 Euphrati says: [Troll] Hard it would be... To chose side, again.
11/1 20:39:37.234 Euphrati grins wickedly
11/1 20:40:26.921 Genjin says: [Troll] You best not be stirring up trouble with any of thier kin, Vajro. as long you are one of us, your actions are ours.
11/1 20:40:52.046 Vajro says: [Troll] *Sigh* yes Genjin
11/1 20:41:51.125 Genjin says: [Troll] and our yours.. at given point, we have no political reason to fight them: and in this world, It is the only reason that can be acpeted
11/1 20:42:02.968 Chabat nods
11/1 20:42:38.500 Vajro says: [Troll] They are walking corpses and blood elfs!

11/1 20:42:51.609 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Ryleen: We are returning home now.
11/1 20:43:04.765 Chabat sighs with releif
11/1 20:43:07.125 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Vajro: [Troll] Finnaly
11/1 20:43:42.468 Vajro says: [Troll] Genjin if he pose a threat we will take offensive matters right?
11/1 20:44:07.953 Genjin says: [Troll] "sigh", when I look a Our undead member, Razeal, my old self would rather see him sent to the propper realm... But However, i See not why I, am to choose when his time is up.
11/1 20:44:36.359 Genjin says: [Troll] Take matters.. yes... take up arms... depends

11/1 20:44:49.906 Vajro sighs at Genjin.
11/1 20:45:08.046 Vajro says: [Troll] Very well if this is the word of the primal i shall obey
11/1 20:45:36.078 Vajro says: [Troll] [Whispering] Even if it goes against my morals
11/1 20:45:40.234 Euphrati says: [Troll] We are supporters of Raeven, we are in the middle of matters. If he move to take command back then...
11/1 20:46:49.046 Genjin says: [Troll] Which is why i say "depends". Do not expect war Vaj... But prepare for it, nonetheless
11/1 20:47:07.000 Genjin grins wickedly at Vajro.
11/1 20:47:07.812 Vajro says: [Troll] Im always ready
11/1 20:47:10.781 Genjin salutes Vajro with respect.
11/1 20:47:35.812 Genjin says: [Troll] good, You will prove yourself, soon enough

11/1 20:47:41.796 Genjin looks around.
11/1 20:47:51.484 Genjin says: [Troll] Is there anything else people wish to discuss?
11/1 20:47:56.437 Vajro says: [Troll] Genjin a question that may be of the subject but...What is Razeal?How would he be welcomed into a heritage of trolls
11/1 20:48:23.578 Genjin says: [Troll] The heritage, though it would seem to be trollkin exclusive
11/1 20:48:56.718 Genjin says: [Troll] it is however open to all... Who embrace our cause.. To research, spread and protect our peoples lore and history

11/1 20:49:07.343 Chabat nods
11/1 20:49:10.703 Vajro says: [Troll] Hmmmm i see

11/1 20:49:41.250 Vajro says: [Troll] Well i was just curious his personaly isnt the most "welcoming"
11/1 20:49:47.812 Genjin says: [Troll] Razeal, is a good friend of the matriarch. and the heritage. though an infidel, and an abomination...

11/1 20:50:20.609 Genjin says: [Troll] He has however proven himself at several ocations, to be worthy of our friendshio and resepct.
11/1 20:50:27.953 Euphrati eyes flashes and gives Genjin an swift glare

"If we don't know where we belong, it'll make no difference from where we started"


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Re: day of the dead ceremony and meeting Log 1st November

Post  Vypra on Tue Nov 02, 2010 2:26 am

11/1 20:50:20.609 Genjin says: [Troll] He has however proven himself at several ocations, to be worthy of our friendshio and resepct.
11/1 20:50:27.953 Euphrati eyes flashes and gives Genjin an swift glare

11/1 20:51:07.609 Vajro says: [Troll] Im gonna need a talk with him later...
11/1 20:51:17.765 Genjin notices Euphratis galare, and stares back, for a
11/1 20:52:14.687 Genjin says: [Troll] Do remember he is a revered member when you see him. keep you personal meanings about his kin for yourself, when speaking to him. Can i trust you will respect him at least?

11/1 20:52:45.468 Vajro says: [Troll] Yes if nothing else his heart still seem to beat

11/1 20:52:57.718 Vajro says: [Troll] He is the only undead i respect

11/1 20:53:54.031 Genjin says: [Troll] actully, let me rephrase. I will not force you to like, nor respect him.. But accept the fact he is exist and his one of us.

11/1 20:54:16.171 Genjin says: [Troll] that I do expect from you, nothing more, nor less
11/1 20:54:25.203 Vajro says: [Troll] Yes primal as i just said he have my respect
11/1 20:54:31.734 Genjin nods.
11/1 20:54:56.078 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Vajro: [Troll] Matriach are you coming back to the village tonight?
11/1 20:55:09.328 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Ryleen: Yes. We're heading to the zeppelin now.
11/1 20:55:17.953 Genjin looks around.

11/1 20:55:27.625 Genjin says: [Troll] Soo, does anyone have anything more?
11/1 20:55:42.921 Vajro looks at everyone.
11/1 20:55:43.421 Chabat says: [Troll] nothing for the meeting
11/1 20:55:48.500 Euphrati says: [Troll] Happenings have occured.
11/1 20:55:56.796 Genjin looks at Euphrati.
11/1 20:55:57.218 You look at Euphrati.
11/1 20:55:59.546 Euphrati says: [Troll] Dwarves...
11/1 20:56:11.750 Genjin says: [Troll] dwarwes again?
11/1 20:56:24.625 Euphrati says: [Troll] As you might now Thugha was followed by dwarves.
11/1 20:56:49.171 Genjin says: [Troll] yes, I remember last kazjo spoke about dwarf seithings ealier
11/1 20:56:49.296 Vajro says: [Troll] Dwarfes
11/1 20:57:02.312 Chabat says: [Troll] of last week's meeting
11/1 20:57:07.406 Vajro laughs.
11/1 20:57:15.312 Vajro says: [Troll] Dwarfes?!
11/1 20:57:20.250 Euphrati says: [Troll] They had followed her here and attacked us recently. Ziri has been badly wounded.
11/1 20:57:37.171 Vajro suddenly looks seroius again.

11/1 20:57:48.296 You blink at Euphrati.
11/1 20:58:05.343 Chabat says: [Troll] she's....she's going to be okay right?
11/1 20:58:09.093 Genjin says: [Troll] Hmm. In that case, i can supose future encouters with dwarfs at our doorstep, as a danger?
11/1 20:58:24.046 Vajro says: [Troll] Please can i kill them?
11/1 20:58:44.453 Genjin motions for Vajro, to "halt"
11/1 20:58:45.812 Euphrati says: [Troll] Shes in a lot of pain, but her wounds have been taken care of by Had´nka.

11/1 20:58:50.640 Chabat mutters angrily 'i -said- we should take it seriously...'
11/1 20:58:53.828 Euphrati grins wickedly at Vajro.
11/1 20:59:06.328 Genjin says: [Troll] I see. But the dwarfs can we expect more attacks?
11/1 20:59:26.562 Euphrati says: [Troll] Perhaps... But not likely.
11/1 20:59:30.468 Vajro seems to almost beg to himself for a conflict.
11/1 20:59:38.421 Genjin says: [Troll] hmmm
11/1 20:59:48.703 Vajro says: [Troll] A question
11/1 20:59:59.828 Euphrati says: [Troll] Yes?

11/1 21:00:01.000 Vajro says: [Troll] What dwarfes are we speaking of?
11/1 21:00:05.265 Chabat says: [Troll] just as it wasn't likely that we needed to worry about them before?! how did they manage to get to Ziri?
11/1 21:00:09.734 Genjin says: [Troll] Unless anyone think, we can sucesfully reach out to them, and gain a peacefull soluton...
11/1 21:00:20.015 Vajro says: [Troll] Of no
11/1 21:00:20.281 Genjin shrugs at Vajro. Who knows?
11/1 21:00:32.359 Genjin looks at Euphrati.
11/1 21:00:48.187 Genjin says: [Troll] hmm, do brief us, of the whole scenario if you can

11/1 21:00:59.515 Euphrati says: [Troll] Thanks Genjin.
11/1 21:01:02.062 Vajro says: [Troll] Undeads and blood elfs are at least horde but the dwarfes.are.ALLIANCE!
11/1 21:01:04.625 Euphrati nods at Genjin.
11/1 21:01:50.812 Genjin says: [Troll] Vajro, please restraing yourself, from outburst. let Euphrati speak
11/1 21:02:44.546 Euphrati says: [Troll] Thugha took up action, as they followed her. She came by me in... Hrm... And asked for my help in ambushing them.
11/1 21:03:17.843 Genjin nods at Euphrati.
11/1 21:04:16.703 Euphrati says: [Troll] Three dwarves and an human we found that matched their descriptions in Hillsbrad. I would say the ambush was an success.
11/1 21:04:31.546 Euphrati says: [Troll] We wiped them out.
11/1 21:04:38.390 Genjin nods at Euphrati.
11/1 21:04:55.390 Vajro smirks happy of finnaly somebody taking resort.
11/1 21:05:28.296 Euphrati says: [Troll] One of them carried an letter written in common, I gave it to Ryleen. Apparently they have an leader too... Who still is alive.
11/1 21:05:52.328 Vajro says: [Troll] Did this letter give a location?
11/1 21:06:22.015 Euphrati says: [Troll] It did, an place in Westfall.
11/1 21:06:44.234 Euphrati says: [Troll] We have been starting to plan an trap for him.
11/1 21:07:03.921 Vajro says: [Troll] May i pleae join you in this?
11/1 21:07:09.265 Euphrati says: [Troll] We... Means me, Thugha and Had´nka so far.
11/1 21:07:36.718 Vajro says: [Troll] Finnaly some resort i need to be a part of it.
11/1 21:08:14.562 Euphrati says: [Troll] I think you could, another hunter might be useful... Aslong as you can be patient as we will have to act carefully in the matters.

11/1 21:08:26.640 Genjin nods at Euphrati.
11/1 21:08:34.531 Genjin says: [Troll] Any more informations we should know of?
11/1 21:08:55.687 Euphrati says: [Troll] We are waiting with plan and all...
11/1 21:09:07.937 Genjin nods at Euphrati.
11/1 21:09:09.484 Euphrati says: [Troll] They.. They did fight good the dvarves.
11/1 21:09:14.453 Vajro says: [Troll] I am a hunter.Patient is one of my top abilitys as long as it is for some action

11/1 21:09:19.218 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Kazjo: Hey, wait for me!
11/1 21:09:27.171 Genjin says: [Troll] I see... In the meantime
11/1 21:09:28.281 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Vajro: [Troll] Huh?
11/1 21:09:52.218 Euphrati says: [Troll] Thugha has been badly wounded. And i... I have broken my right hand.
11/1 21:09:59.812 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Ryleen: you'll catch up
11/1 21:10:42.234 Chabat says: [Troll] Thugha too?
11/1 21:10:45.578 Genjin says: [Troll] as Primal, i herby order, any further seightings of dwarfs near our lands. are to be reported imeadiatly, and only aproached with extreme caution, and a backup of at least one other person, who will remain at a safe distance
11/1 21:11:05.250 Chabat gulps and notes this down

11/1 21:11:06.968 Vajro says: [Troll] Genjin i do not wish for any more flaming comments for myself therefor i will meditate till the matriach arrives
11/1 21:11:26.281 Vajro says: [Troll] and does my pet count as another person?

11/1 21:11:28.953 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Ryleen: Gen'jin, I'll go to the town hall. You can meet me there and I'll tell you what happened. And anyone else who's interested to hear
11/1 21:11:40.000 Euphrati says: [Troll] She suffers from heavy bloodloss from an gruesome wound in her stomache.
11/1 21:11:51.796 Vajro says: [Troll] See ya at the guild hall
11/1 21:11:52.531 Chabat winces
11/1 21:12:11.234 Chabat says: [Troll] Um...i guess we should go hear what the Matriarch has to say

11/1 21:12:59.984 Euphrati says: [Troll] My broken hand is from deflecting an frost bolt from an blasted mage... Had killed me othervise.
11/1 21:13:26.250 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Ryleen: Gen'jin?
11/1 21:13:27.718 Euphrati says: [Troll] No offense Chabat.
11/1 21:13:31.390 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Kazjo: Bats, where are yu/
11/1 21:13:37.125 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Genjin: [Troll] I will be there shortly Matirarch

11/1 21:13:37.828 Chabat smiles as she puts away her notebook and gets slowly to her feet
11/1 21:13:38.328 Euphrati smiles at you.
11/1 21:13:41.578 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Ryleen: Good.
11/1 21:13:43.671 Genjin nods.
11/1 21:13:46.984 Chabat says: [Troll] none taken
11/1 21:14:03.828 Genjin says: [Troll] let's get going, then. you are dismissed, and the meeting is over
11/1 21:14:08.984 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Chabat: I'm on my way to the meeting hall with Gen'jin
11/1 21:14:42.046 Chabat says: [Troll] mind if i ask you about that thing while we walk

11/1 21:14:42.296 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Euphrati: there arent any House with you?
11/1 21:14:46.062 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Kazjo: I'll join you there soon. just give me a while to get out of that armor.
11/1 21:14:53.687 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Chabat: of course
11/1 21:14:58.078 Genjin says: [Troll] sure
11/1 21:15:00.781 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Hadunka: No House
11/1 21:15:07.171 Chabat says: [Troll] um...well
11/1 21:15:30.765 Chabat says: [Troll] i've heard there are some old know, about twins

11/1 21:15:39.031 Chabat 's hand goes to her belly
11/1 21:15:55.312 Genjin says: [Troll] mhm
11/1 21:16:03.750 Chabat says: [Troll] the elders mentioned it last ntime i was in Sen'jin
11/1 21:16:18.140 Genjin nods at you.
11/1 21:16:43.562 Chabat says: [Troll] the thing is...we never had any twins in our village. Vypra doesn't know much about it and i was wondering...well, how much is true
11/1 21:20:23.609 Genjin says: [Troll] Hmm, I am not sure how much is true and what is tale
11/1 21:20:25.296 Genjin says: [Troll] but
11/1 21:20:41.718 Chabat says: [Troll] yes?
11/1 21:20:47.609 Vajro says: [Troll] Genjin and Chabat just arrived
11/1 21:21:06.609 Genjin says: [Troll] I do belive, you are blessed by shango's twin sons, and thus will give birth to thier subjects
11/1 21:21:14.937 You smile at Genjin.

11/1 21:21:23.750 Chabat says: [Troll] well...i think that sounds good
11/1 21:21:56.734 You smile at Kazjo.
11/1 21:22:05.750 You cuddle up against Kazjo.
11/1 21:22:10.546 Ryleen says: [Troll] Is that everyone?
11/1 21:22:14.453 Euphrati looks around n the room then takes off scarf
11/1 21:22:15.562 Kazjo embraces Chabat and smiles.
11/1 21:22:18.359 Vajro says: [Troll] Mhm

11/1 21:22:19.468 Chabat says: [Troll] (low) i'm glad you're back
11/1 21:22:24.750 Genjin says: [Troll] The saying goes, twins has a special bond with the spirit world, they can ensure both, good and bad omens.
11/1 21:22:32.671 Euphrati grins wickedly at Hadunka.
11/1 21:22:32.937 You nod at Genjin.
11/1 21:22:39.281 Hadunka says: [Troll] Lahni is with Ziri. I will tell her my self later
11/1 21:23:15.265 Genjin says: [Troll] now, some says twins can be very demanding, and threat to cast curses, but I think you don't have to worry about that, as i take it for tale, rather than actual truth
11/1 21:23:23.843 You smile at Genjin.
11/1 21:23:33.578 Genjin salutes Ryleen with respect.
11/1 21:23:44.921 Genjin says: [Troll] You asked for me, jin?
11/1 21:23:48.781 Ryleen says: [Troll] Yes.

11/1 21:23:52.875 Vajro chuckles at Genjin
11/1 21:24:05.546 Ryleen says: [Troll] I've just met with Dark Lord Archnazg. I thought it best to inform you of the results right away.
11/1 21:24:11.671 You listen intently to Ryleen.
11/1 21:25:10.046 Euphrati smiles at Hadunka.
11/1 21:25:28.640 Hadunka nods slightly at Euphrati
11/1 21:25:30.375 Genjin nods at Ryleen.

11/1 21:25:33.515 Genjin says: [Troll] Do go on
11/1 21:25:44.296 Vajro says: [Troll] This will be interesting
11/1 21:25:50.078 Ryleen says: [Troll] Since he is retaking his position within the House, he wanted to reevaluate our alliance.
11/1 21:26:23.890 Genjin says: [Troll] Oh really?
11/1 21:26:29.234 Ryleen says: [Troll] We discussed, and there seems hope that things can remain mostly they way they have been under Raeven's rule.. But he has yet to make a final decision.
11/1 21:26:42.343 Genjin says: [Troll] how about raeven?
11/1 21:26:53.359 Ryleen says: [Troll] The main change proposed that I agreed to is that he wants to evaluate our military power.
11/1 21:27:02.312 You peer at Ryleen searchingly.
11/1 21:27:14.031 Genjin says: [Troll] i had hoped, he would have fought for his newly gained position

11/1 21:27:39.265 Ryleen says: [Troll] I will not allow just anyone to enter, but agreed to either Raeven or Desdemone to be allowed to enter Antu'Rah. I trust them both to not abuse what they will learn in here.
11/1 21:28:09.093 Ryleen says: [Troll] He works for us.. He wants to keep the peace, and holds some power to affect Archnazg's decisions.
11/1 21:28:31.015 Vajro says: [Troll] How much would "some" be?
11/1 21:28:41.093 Genjin says: [Troll] Hmm, how did Archnazg regain his position? did Raven, lack allies within the house?
11/1 21:29:12.062 Kazjo says: [Troll] aren't they all zealously devoted to Archnazg/

11/1 21:29:17.484 Ryleen says: [Troll] I don't think it was a matter of having a choice. In many ways, Archnazg -is- the House.
11/1 21:29:31.734 Genjin nods at both kazjo and ryleen
11/1 21:29:40.921 Ryleen says: [Troll] And from what I can tell, Raeven never wished for leadership.. He's happier in the shadows.
11/1 21:29:47.984 Euphrati says: [Troll] Last time, many of Raevens allies was from outside the house... As far i know.
11/1 21:30:27.921 Hadunka says: [Troll] Reaven is a person best operating from shdows.
11/1 21:30:41.593 Genjin says: [Troll] mhm.. i see
11/1 21:30:45.953 Hadunka says: [Troll] I have had delings with him before i joined The heratige

11/1 21:31:54.703 Ryleen says: [Troll] I held my position about them not using the rig without our supervision, and that they will not be allowed to enter the valley. In exchange, they will travel through the jungle on their way to attack the humans, shipping their various weapons as well.
11/1 21:32:55.578 Genjin says: [Troll] hmpf, I don't see why they are to bring thier war down here, don't they have thier lands to protect up north?
11/1 21:33:16.125 Hadunka says: [Troll] They are goign to attack from to fronts Gen'jin .. a war strategy

11/1 21:33:18.828 Kazjo says: [Troll] Stormwind is not far from here
11/1 21:33:38.500 Ryleen says: [Troll] As long as they stick to the roads, I see no reason to interfere with them.
11/1 21:34:12.125 Ryleen says: [Troll] Besides.. Archnazg is still a traitor, I doubt the orcs and the order will allow him to operate openly. . But that's not our problem.

11/1 21:34:17.750 Genjin says: [Troll] I know i know, just understand they are very pressed at the moment, with the scourge minions to thier east, a human and dwaf alliance to the south..
11/1 21:34:50.625 Vajro says: I will take my leave now

11/1 21:35:21.062 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Vajro: Have a nice evening
11/1 21:35:26.296 Hadunka says: [Troll] Yes they are
11/1 21:35:26.734 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Kazjo: Thanks. You too
11/1 21:35:35.171 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Hadunka: Take it easy
11/1 21:35:48.703 Ryleen says: [Troll] Overall.. The meeting went better than I dared hope. I was right to trust Raeven's word.
11/1 21:36:08.359 Genjin nods.

11/1 21:36:11.296 Hadunka says: [Troll] Yes
11/1 21:36:18.468 Euphrati says: [Troll] He is trustworthy indeed.
11/1 21:36:33.640 Genjin says: [Troll] Is there more I need to know of this meeing? I like to discuss our other issues as well
11/1 21:36:41.828 Genjin says: [Troll] if you got time
11/1 21:37:06.015 Ryleen says: [Troll] I do. I wish to visit the graveyard, but it can wait until later.
11/1 21:37:13.375 Genjin nods.
11/1 21:38:09.765 Genjin says: [Troll] I hope you can forgive my acts, but in your absence i have issued a new order to all of the heritage. as a response to the recent dwarf related events
11/1 21:38:21.609 Ryleen says: [Troll] And what is that?
11/1 21:38:55.140 Genjin says: [Troll] That, all seightings of dwarfs nearby our land is to be, reported imeadiately, and only aproached with extreme caution, and at least one backup, remaning at a safe distance
11/1 21:39:33.656 Ryleen nods.

11/1 21:39:35.750 Ryleen says: [Troll] I agree.
11/1 21:39:41.859 Genjin bows down graciously.
11/1 21:40:25.437 Genjin says: [Troll] Furthermore. since you've given Raeven and his allied, permission to enter our valley
11/1 21:40:48.593 Ryleen says: [Troll] Not yet.
11/1 21:41:05.031 Ryleen says: [Troll] But if Archnazg decides that he will be the emissary, he alone will be allowed to enter.
11/1 21:41:42.296 Euphrati opens an pocket and takes out an vial with blue liquid in it

11/1 21:41:46.328 Genjin says: [Troll] I see, a part of me was expecting the change for yet, more Asylum seekers
11/1 21:42:17.218 Genjin says: [Troll] Speaking of which, are we to reach a further conclution about our current "guest"?
11/1 21:42:33.906 Euphrati holds it towards light looking at it grinning, before putting it back in her pocket
11/1 21:42:43.546 Euphrati says: [Troll] Guest?
11/1 21:42:46.062 Ryleen says: [Troll] not until I have met with the Theatre.

11/1 21:42:52.359 Genjin nods.
11/1 21:43:08.734 Euphrati says: [Troll] We have an theatre here... They who hurt Lahni?
11/1 21:43:25.921 Hadunka says: [Troll] THis one helped lahniu Euphrati
11/1 21:43:32.421 Euphrati eyes goes red
11/1 21:43:44.031 Genjin says: [Troll] In return we protect her from the theather
11/1 21:43:54.796 Hadunka looks at Euphrati.
11/1 21:44:22.671 Hadunka says: [Troll] Sit ... She is my woman. If any one have right to aveng it is she and I
11/1 21:44:31.046 Ryleen says: [Troll] While mainting to them that she is out hostage.

11/1 21:44:39.937 Euphrati says: [Troll] Not breaking her legs, as they did to her?
11/1 21:45:02.093 Euphrati mumbles cursing in gutterspeak
11/1 21:45:07.140 Hadunka says: [Troll] No. As this one freed lahni from there grasp
11/1 21:45:23.468 Genjin says: [Troll] ahem. I do still suggest, we offically make her more than a a prisoner. A slave. that way she does less seem to be our allied

11/1 21:45:43.359 Ryleen says: [Troll] Sariia is an old friend of mine. She is very dear to me and no harm will come to her.
11/1 21:45:44.890 Ryleen looks at Euphrati.
11/1 21:46:02.437 Ryleen says: [Troll] That would work, Gen.
11/1 21:46:03.781 Euphrati says: [Troll] Hmm... Okey.
11/1 21:47:55.109 Ryleen says: [Troll] Well, she's no doubt bored with just staying in the guest village, so I see no harm in involving her in our daily work here.
11/1 21:48:05.062 Genjin nods at Hadunka.
11/1 21:48:45.234 Genjin says: [Troll] Might I suggest, myself, as her.. "Guardian". as the Second leader, I can easly find work for her
11/1 21:49:22.812 Ryleen nods.
11/1 21:49:42.859 Ryleen says: [Troll] All right, she'll be your responsibility.

11/1 21:49:49.875 Genjin nods.
11/1 21:50:00.984 Ryleen says: [Troll] Just keep in mind that she's our guest, even if we officially treat her otherwise.
11/1 21:50:02.468 Ryleen smiles at Genjin.
11/1 21:50:23.312 Genjin says: [Troll] I will not disapoint you Matriarch, and you have my word, she will remain unharmed
11/1 21:52:14.937 Ryleen says: [Troll] Good. Was there anything else?
11/1 21:53:41.937 Chabat says: [Troll] well...i don;t know if you saw anything....

11/1 21:54:01.593 Kazjo says: [Troll] I have seen raging water spirits while walking towards the valley after meeting
11/1 21:54:15.296 Chabat says: [Troll] oh...yes, that's what Vajro said
11/1 21:54:26.718 Ryleen says: [Troll] I didn't see those.. Where did you see them?
11/1 21:54:49.453 Kazjo says: [Troll] Well just near the oil rig, you rushed ahead and it began just before me
11/1 21:55:15.296 Ryleen says: [Troll] Hm... will someone investigate that and try to find out what caused it?
11/1 21:55:57.390 Kazjo says: [Troll] I can, if you want, but i barely know anything about water element.

11/1 21:56:13.625 Ryleen says: [Troll] Bring a shaman.
11/1 21:56:41.156 Chabat says: [Troll] and be careful
11/1 21:56:45.187 You hug Kazjo.
11/1 21:57:02.406 Kazjo smiles.
11/1 21:57:15.468 Kazjo says: [Troll] I will. But not today, I'm tired.

11/1 21:57:32.718 Ryleen nods.
11/1 21:57:38.453 Ryleen says: [Troll] Of course, it is late.
11/1 21:57:48.046 Ryleen says: [Troll] If there was nothing else.. I'll go to the graveyard now.

11/1 21:58:25.453 Kazjo says: [Troll] I have a question, but I can ask others. Goodnight, Ryleen.
11/1 21:58:43.109 Ryleen says: [Troll] Goodnight.
11/1 21:58:50.375 Chabat says: [Troll] good night Ryleen
11/1 21:59:09.031 Euphrati nod respectfully <t Ryleen
11/1 21:59:23.062 Kazjo says: [Troll] So, did the dwarves do anything else than attacking Hadunka and Ziri?

11/1 21:59:34.765 Hadunka says: [Troll] Not to us
11/1 21:59:46.125 Genjin says: [Troll] I will go too.. I will go to my Hut. ask to be alone, the rest of the evening.
11/1 21:59:49.375 Chabat says: [Troll] Thugha too, and Euphrati got hurt
11/1 21:59:49.859 Hadunka says: [Troll] And we killed thos two
11/1 21:59:55.500 Genjin waves goodbye to everyone. Farewell!
11/1 22:00:01.406 Kazjo says: [Troll] Goodnight, Gen'jin
11/1 22:00:07.921 Chabat says: [Troll] godd night Gen'jin
11/1 22:00:09.171 Euphrati nods at Genjin.
11/1 22:00:21.906 Hadunka says: [Troll] Yes. Thugha and Euphrati tock the rest of them out

11/1 22:00:29.734 Hadunka smiles at Euphrati.
11/1 22:00:33.468 Kazjo says: [Troll] All?
11/1 22:00:40.906 Hadunka says: [Troll] Well
11/1 22:00:42.296 Euphrati says: [Troll] Theyre dead now, at the cost of more injuries at the heritage.
11/1 22:00:43.078 Hadunka looks at Euphrati.
11/1 22:00:55.140 Euphrati says: [Troll] Leader still lives.
11/1 22:01:10.296 Hadunka says: [Troll] Not for long though
11/1 22:01:12.453 Hadunka grins wickedly at Euphrati.
11/1 22:01:35.453 Euphrati says: [Troll] When healed we planning to strike back at them.

11/1 22:01:46.046 Kazjo says: [Troll] just be careful.
11/1 22:01:49.015 Euphrati says: [Troll] Oh ye... Vajro wanted in in it.
11/1 22:02:05.765 Chabat nods
11/1 22:02:14.140 Chabat says: [Troll] yes...he was quite insistant
11/1 22:02:44.734 Kazjo says: [Troll] Well, that's all I wanted to know.
11/1 22:02:46.015 Euphrati says: [Troll] He seemed to have little patient in getting his hands dirty.
11/1 22:03:42.828 Kazjo says: [Troll] I think I'll head home and take some rest.
11/1 22:04:13.921 Hadunka says: [Troll] I belive we need to make it a smal group, but i gues it can be a goofd test of Varjo .. i am not to inpresed with him so far
11/1 22:04:14.187 Chabat says: [Troll] me too...i don't want you out of my sight again today

11/1 22:04:22.515 You smile at Kazjo.
11/1 22:04:24.156 Kazjo smiles at you.
11/1 22:04:30.140 Kazjo says: [Troll] You won't, I promise.
11/1 22:04:43.984 Kazjo says: [Troll] I'll stay with you all the night and day tomorrow.
11/1 22:04:49.609 Hadunka looks at Euphrati.
11/1 22:04:52.125 You hug Kazjo.
11/1 22:05:04.687 Hadunka says: [Troll] maby We shuld talk Euphrati ...
11/1 22:05:11.703 Kazjo says: [Troll] Let's go.
11/1 22:05:24.109 Kazjo reaches for Chabat's hand.
11/1 22:05:34.890 Chabat takes Kaz's hand
11/1 22:05:53.906 Kazjo says: [Troll] I'm glad to be home.
11/1 22:06:30.203 Chabat says: [Troll] me too. I don't care how well Ryleen says her meeting with Archnazg went, i'm glad you;re back
11/1 22:06:45.671 Kazjo smiles at you.

11/1 22:07:21.296 Kazjo says: [Troll] You have talked with Gen'jin about the twins?
11/1 22:07:35.906 Chabat says: [Troll] yes, as we were walking to the meeting hall
11/1 22:07:43.859 Kazjo says: [Troll] What did he said?
11/1 22:08:36.781 Chabat says: [Troll] he seems to think most of the bad stuff was just exaggerations. I think we'll be fine as long as we treat them both the same
11/1 22:09:07.156 Kazjo says: [Troll] That's good to hear.
11/1 22:09:32.687 Chabat says: [Troll] though he did say something about them being special to Shango...but i know who i can ask if we need to deal with Him

11/1 22:09:39.687 Chabat smiles
11/1 22:09:50.609 Kazjo says: [Troll] Really? Who?
11/1 22:10:00.203 Chabat says: [Troll] Vypra...Shango is her patron Loa
11/1 22:10:08.000 Kazjo says: [Troll] That makes things easy.
11/1 22:10:10.375 Kazjo smiles at you.
11/1 22:10:15.218 Chabat nods and smiles
11/1 22:11:34.218 Chabat puts away her bag and removes her tabard and belt
11/1 22:11:55.890 You lie down.

11/1 22:12:05.578 Kazjo puts the sword away.
11/1 22:12:34.312 Kazjo lies down before you.
11/1 22:12:46.062 Chabat cuddles up to Kaz
11/1 22:12:53.812 Kazjo says: [Troll] Goodnight, my pretty wife.
11/1 22:12:59.828 Kazjo smiles and gives Chabat a kiss.
11/1 22:13:00.171 Chabat says: [Troll] good night

"If we don't know where we belong, it'll make no difference from where we started"


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