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Post  Gen'jin on Fri Sep 24, 2010 5:55 pm

Hey, Am sorry, I won't be able to be Rp'ing today. Especially with Snick returning, and me being a key part (taking care of him, etc). But Today friday 24/sep am going to a party.

I talked to Kaz, and understand Ryleen Found Snick yesterday O.o.
Can't wait to find out how she's handles it, and how she reacts towards gen.

Really wanted to Be on yesterday. was the plan, I was going to Rp with Snicka, and Revealing him to Ryl, but sadly. My laptop went down, as I picked up my PC from reapir. and it took the WHOLE evening to installl wow on the PC.

So. as for today. Gen'jin is still IN / on his way from Sen'jin village.

In Ryleens absence, I invited a new member, Corjin. though it is standard that RY do it. after they meet ic. I invited him because he is an old member. I gave him the rank outsider, as he has yet to take the oath. Hope it is Ok.

Also, I've interviewed Bejika, who wants to join. This time howver I gave her an in Game letter, she will Give to Ryleen IC. So she can join, in my absence Wink

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