Guild meeting 30th August

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Guild meeting 30th August Empty Guild meeting 30th August

Post  Vypra on Tue Aug 31, 2010 7:47 pm

Guild meeting 30th August

At the meeting were Gen'jin, Chabat, Hadunka, Kazrokh and Galjin.

First we had an update on the water system from Hadunka. Most of the pipes are now laid and all that remains is to build and install the power system. Ryleen and Hadunka are to try to obtain the materials they need to make the Khorium power cores from Shattrath.

In addition, Lahni has been working on an explosive device to 'decommission' the Oil rig should the House of Sylvanas attempt to resume operation of the facility without our permission.

Gen'jin took a moment to explain the history of the situation between us and the House before going on to mention that should any of us come across their members in the jungle we should politely tell them they are not welcome and escort them to Grom'gol to take the next Zeppelin back to Tirisfal.
If we feel that our request will not be followed we are to contact a senior member of the Heritage over the spirit link.

After a short break, Gen'jin informed us that we have now established a non-aggression pact with the Bloodscalp and Skullsplitter tribes. However, we should still exercise caution around their territory as tensions between our tribes are still high. They are also not the only danger in Stranglethorn. Pirates, Alliance and the Gurubashi all represent a threat to our valley.

Gen'jin explained the state of our current defences and how they are currently being strengthened. Firstly, the wards place illusions in the minds of any who approach that are not recognised as friends of the Heritage. However, these misdirections are not infallible and so in addition we have lashers lining the the road from the second bridge. There are also different kinds of pit trap that can be activated in case of an invasion. Finally, Hadunka's panther pride are patrolling the valley. The panthers are extremely stealthy and will likely not be seen unless there is an intruder in Antu'Rah.

Next, there a few short updates: Hadunka confirmed that the Kodo housed on the central island are secured and so should not pose any risk of damage to the ziggurat.

Kazrokh asked that people to be careful not to touch anything in his hut as he is making potions that are quite strong smelling and potentially unpredictable. It was suggested that a place away from the village would be better. Gen'jin will look for a temporary solution and Hadunka added it the list of building projects.

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Guild meeting 30th August Empty Re: Guild meeting 30th August

Post  Euphrati on Fri Sep 03, 2010 8:33 pm

hmm.. sonds as it would been one i should have been on. Much intresting information.

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