Guild meeting 23rd August

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Guild meeting 23rd August

Post  Vypra on Tue Aug 24, 2010 9:39 pm

Guild meeting 23rd August

At the meeting were Ryleen, Guljun, Chabat, Lahni, Hadunka and Euphrati.

First we were updated on the progress of our current projects. Lahni reported that the town hall is now completely finished. Thanks to Razťal, there had only been minimal work left on the roof of the upper floor which was carried out with the help of Hadunka and Ziri.

Had reported that the pipework for the water system is all laid and that the pumps will be added soon. All that remains is to devise a power source to drive the pumps. Ryleen suggested that a Khorium power core should be easy to make provided the schematics and materials are available.

Next Ryleen informed us of her latest meeting with the leader of the House of Sylvanas. Unfortunately, when the Matriarch informed Lord Xoran of our farming project in Tirisfal, he first claimed that the two forsaken who we made our arrangement with, did not have ownership of the field and that we should have approached the House for permission.

Then he not only tried to insist that our agreement was impossible, but also that we had no right to make it. Ryleen tried to point out that we were simply acting according to our agreement in establishing a peaceful presence in their territory, and how this was exactly the same the House maintaining the Oil rig in our jungle, but Xoran simply asserted that the jungle isn't ours anyway.

Faced with either giving way to His arrogance or risking a re-opening of hostilities between us, Ryleen chose the latter and informed Xoran that She will have to consider whether the forsaken presence in Stranglethorn is something we wish to allow and that, until She has made that decision, they are no longer welcome here.

So far, no violence has ensued and we must try to keep it that way. We cannot allow ourselves to be seen to be hostile to the House nor to be actively provoking them. All we can do for the moment is keep a watch on any movements they make in the jungle and use only peaceful means to prevent them from moving back onto the rig.

Our efforts are currently focused on trying to remove or destroy the oil under the lake and thus remove any reason for the House to be setting up a base there at all. Ryleen has some ideas but feel free to let her know should you come up with something, preferably ways that pose as little risk to the surrounding wildlife as possible.

Should things turn nasty, we may be able to call on the Blood Pact member guilds to aid us as there are those among the group that would enjoy the chance to take arms against the House but only if we can give evidence that we have been attacked without proper cause.

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