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Post  Snicka on Thu Feb 07, 2008 5:30 pm

Recently we've been invited to at least four RP events (you can all four invitations here: http://heritageofzandalar.forumotion.com/guests-an-visitors-f17/).

Valentine's Day Massacre: 9th of February, 16:00. Insane PvP-RP event in Ashenvale, arranged by Gurfang.

Sunfury Ball: 9th of February, 21:00. Formal RP event in Silvermoon City, arranged by Adalan.

Naaru Technology: 10th of February, 19:00. PvP-RP event against Astranaar, arranged by Subliminal.

Greywolves' Walk of the Past: 17th of February, 15:00. Peaceful RP event in Sen'jin Village, arranged by the Greywolf Tribe.

I'll announce all four tomorrow at the guild meeting IC too.

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