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Post  Gal'jin on Tue Aug 10, 2010 3:37 am


Character Name*: Gal'jin
Race, class ((and level))*:Troll, Hunter, 4(leveling fast)
Character Age:16
Physical description: No noticeable features but has a rather large Mohawk
Personality: He is a rather sarcastic but knows when something is serious enough to stop wise cracking. Also Hates Blood Elves and a small portion of Forsaken
Brief background story: When Gal'jin was a child he grew up on the Echo Isles. He knew the like the back of his hand. He had a talent that he realised when he he was about 7 years old. A talent which made beasts near by him calm. He became friends with a tiger which he named Talzar. Talzar became his pet which he treasured. When the Echo Isles was attacked by the Troll, Zalazane he had to leave Talzar behind. It broke his heart to do it but he had to. At 10 years of age he showed talent with a bow. He became one of Sen'jin villages hunters. Now at 16 Years of age he has vowed revenge on Zalazane and has made it his goal to find Talzar.
What are your character's motivations?: To do what is best for Trolls all over the world and to find Talzar
Your character's greatest strengths/weaknesses: His greatest strength is his skills with a bow. His greatest weakness is the thought of Talzar being harmed.
What do you know about us, and why should we be interested in you?: I know that you own a large portion of STV and you have a wish for all trolls to join hand in hand and be a unified race. You should be interested in me because I have this exact goal.


RP-experience: I know how to RP but never been in an RP guild.
Are you: willing to help guildies, partake in casual RP and RP events, and aware that whilst we do some pve content, this is not an endgame raiding guild?*:Yes i am


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Post  Zul'Ros on Tue Aug 10, 2010 4:06 am

I tried really hard to find the usual "was-born-in-Sen'jin syndrome" but failed in the end Very Happy
It fits in the timeline perfectly if you assume that the "grew up on the Echo Isles" part doesn't mean he was actually born there.
Though it still feels somewhere very-very close...

But hey, where are my manners? Very Happy
Welcome to the guild! Well, technically not yet, but still!
Feel free to poke any of us ingame for an IC talk (just make sure it's not Razeal, lately he's been acting creepy Laughing).

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