Meegon in the night

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Meegon in the night

Post  Meegon on Wed Jun 30, 2010 9:23 am

Meegon gathered the last of his belongings from his small camp on the edge of Antu'Rha. Never one for the indoor life, he always preferred to sleep outdoors, even when there were huts available. Securing the last of his gear on the raptor, it didn't seem like much, but travelling light was always the best for a troll on the move.

Rhazin shimmered next to him and let out an inquisitive mew. Meegon looked down at the cat.

"Aye mon. We be leavin. These mons be good, but this not Meegon." the troll shook his head.

Holed up in this valley. Considered traitors by many. This was not the life he had been expecting. Ever since he had been forced to leave the service of the Horde, he had missed the thrill of battle and drums of war. His long hunting trips relieved the tension, but could not fully replace his thirst for action. Even so, he felt a pang of conscience for abandoning the Heritage like this, but he knew the time had come. Clearing his camp for the final time, he mounted the raptor and whistled Rhazin.

The two vanished into the night.


Hey guys, just wanted to let you know (in case you didn't already) that I have left the guild. It's no reflection on the heritage, which I think is 100% awesome, it's just simply that I have very limited time atm. I don't really feel like I can do the guild justice in terms with keeping up with plots and being an active and participating member.

There is also some stuff for the anglers and another project that I am working on that I need some time for.

Meegon is OOCly in the anglers for the moment (whilst I raid the guild bank to finally power my JC up to 450) but should join the mercenaries in a little while.

Of course, it's up to you all ICly what happens. ICly even though he has not said anything, it should be clear that his camp is cleared and he's gone. I'm not sure how the heritage reacts to people with knowledge of the valley (and presumably it's defences) leaving them, especially without explaining why. You might be suspicious of this, especially if you find out he has gone away and become a mercenary.

Anyway, me be seein ya all around mons!

Meegon / Vexa signing out


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Re: Meegon in the night

Post  Vypra on Wed Jun 30, 2010 3:58 pm

i don't know about the others, but personally, if we took every single character dissapearance IC, we'd spend all our time seraching for missing persons Wink

Now write some anglers stuff on Vex already Razz

"If we don't know where we belong, it'll make no difference from where we started"


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