Guild meeting 21st June

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Guild meeting 21st June

Post  Vypra on Tue Jun 22, 2010 12:12 pm

Guild meeting 21st June

At the meeting were Kaz男o, Chabat, Gen男in, Ryleen, Razeal and 然os.

Gen男in opened the meeting with his report on the status of our neighbours, the Skullsplitter tribe.

It seems that many of their number are sick, more than should be expected among a healthy tribe. It seems the sickness has been developing for some time and it is a distinct possibility that it may be caused by their tribe being situated downstream of the Oil rig, formerly owned by the venture company and recently taken over by the House of Sylvanas.

Naturally, Gen男in was worried about the impact on the wider environment. The Goblins of Booty bay can deal with the problem on their own but the wildlife of the vale could be at serious risk, exactly as we feared when we first moved to Stranglethorn.

However, as the House has repaired our sabotage of the rig, the problem can only get worse.

Continuing his report, Gen男in raised his concerns about the loss of troll artefacts from the ancient ruins of the vale. Any that we have found have been presented to the Zandalari for cataloguing but the Bloodsail pirates could well be selling their finds to collectors and Gen男in suggested that we raid the pirate camps in an attempt the retrieve these stolen pieces.

Hopefully, by returning their property to them, we may be able to improve our relationship with the other tribes.

At this point, Kaz男o presented Gen男in with some tools that he had made at Gen男in痴 request. This lead to the matter of the defences of Antu坦ah. Unfolding a detailed map, Gen男in explained his plans for several new defensive measures.

Firstly, he plans to dig a series of narrow trenches that will be filled with fire oil at the entrances to the graveyard, Snick淡atha and the raptor pens. The idea is that we can isolate intruders in these areas to make them easier to deal with.

Next, Gen男in suggested a replacement for the guard animals that Hadunka was to train. In the place of the panthers, Gen男in hopes to develop a strain of the lasher plants that can be deployed along the paths to snare people.

Kaz男o and Bats agreed to go to Un暖oro crater as soon as possible and collect some of the seeds for Gen男in to begin his experiments.

He also suggested the possibility of filling the waters of the valley with crocolisks to waylay any intruders that try to get round the lashers by swimming. Ryleen was not convinced of this suggestion as the lizards would probably pose as much of a danger to us but she agreed it may be worth considering if the situation became dire.

Lastly, Gen男in suggested that we rig explosives to the bridges to prevent invaders getting deeper into the valley.

Razeal will continue his work on rebuilding the town hall once he has finished helping with the new defensive measures.

After the close of the meeting, Gen男in informed us, via the spirit link, that there is an altar in the training grounds ready to take our offerings to the Loa of war or our patron Loa, when we train there.

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