Sa Fitheach Bhrąthair ... We deliver (crafts of al kind)

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Sa Fitheach Bhrąthair ... We deliver (crafts of al kind)

Post  Hadunka on Thu Jun 17, 2010 4:41 am

((A note is posted on the pole by one of the wards and no alarme have gone of. It is beautifully scripted))

Sa Fitheach Bhrąthair
We deliver ...

You have now bin selected to join the exclusive group
Of persons and/or group that may utilise our vast services.

Our motto is “We deliver” and we always do … one way or an other.
We proud our self with well thought true prises and good communication possibilities.
If you are tired of the hefty prises of the goblins and their inability for efficient costumer service …
we are your choice on the frontier and every were else.
AonNoch Efinai
Sa Fitheach Bhrąthair
((well as well as a Rp thing for the heritage to get a supplier Very Happy this is also to tell what I can craft for those I consider guild members ^^

I have al trainable stuff up to the lv of the craft. But just ask if I have it.
Tailoring 443
Blacksmithing 450
Jewel crafting 450 (Have a veriety of tank, melee, caster and pvp epic ones)
Inscription 450, (Al inscription)
Enchanting 450 (most of the enchanting)
Leatherworking 450
Alchemy Elixir master 450
Engineering 450


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