Guild Meeting 24th May

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Guild Meeting 24th May

Post  Vypra on Tue May 25, 2010 12:02 pm

Guild Meeting 24th May

At the meeting were Kazjo, Hadunka, Chabat, Guljun, Ryleen and ‘Ros. Euphrati joined us later.

First Ryleen talked about the last Blood Pact meeting. Members of the Heritage of Zandalar are no longer considered part of the Horde and are now a neutral party. As a result, we may not bear arms whilst within Horde territories and can no longer claim the same rights whilst on their lands.

The Meeting ended abruptly when General Duskclaw was attacked by one of his own men. The group of tauren responsible were all cut down before they were able to kill the General and our last information was that he was in a stable condition and had a good chance of survival.

Ryleen accepted the other conditions imposed by the pact and will henceforth been known to outsiders as Matriarch of the Heritage of Zandalar. A member of the Ashen Order will be appointed to ensure we implement the agreed changes, though we have not yet received word on who this representative will be.

The memorial for Gando and the children and the funerals of Zanick and Saljin were held on Saturday and people are encouraged to make offerings to the ancestors to watch over their spirits.

Razeal, our forsaken guest, is currently recovering from his injuries. His physical healing seems to be coming along well but he is unresponsive and has not spoken for days. If this continues, Ryleen may contact a forsaken healer for help.

Next we discussed our progress with projects in the valley. Kazjo has made a start on clearing the area where we plan to plant our crops.

The town hall has yet to be rebuilt after the fire as Hadunka is busy training the guard animals.

Kazjo suggest building a well in the village and he and Hadunka will develop a system of pumps and pipes to carry water from the river to the village, coming out near the herb garden.

Several options were suggested about where to get the metal for the pipes from as it’s unlikely we can afford to buy it all and so an excursion to Gnomeragon, the abandoned gnomish city, is to be planned.

So far, Hadunka, Kaz and Chabat have agreed to go but more volunteers are welcome so we can salvage as much metal as possible.

Finally, we still need more suggestions for the laws we plan to live by as we are no longer bound by those of the Horde in our own lands. Suggestions for disciplinary procedures are also needed but please bear in mind, whatever your background, we are following the teachings of the Zandalari and our laws and punishments should reflect that.

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Re: Guild Meeting 24th May

Post  Snicka on Tue May 25, 2010 4:11 pm

Gnomeregan run is a very good idea, considering that it is soon removed from the game, or at least altered; so people who are interested can take a last chance to see the place. Smile

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