Rage goes wild

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Rage goes wild

Post  Kaz'jo on Thu Apr 29, 2010 1:29 am

At the last meeting, when Warsong Blades brought Zanick's body, Kaz'jo started to act weirdly. First of it all, he provoked Elder Nazrug, which nearly killed him, and he seemed not to care about it, until he was asked by link to yield, to avoid being killed. After that, and after carrying Zanick to the graveyard, he went to speak with Ryleen about what he had done. During the talk Gul'jun came in to talk. Soon after that Razeal arrived and started to yell at Gul'jun about revenge on the orc who killed Gul's wife. Kaz'jo begged trough the link to stop that, but Raz walked away before anyone asked him to keep quiet. After that, Kaz explained that before Bloodscalps exiled him, he was cursed by one of their shamans, to lose control over him everytime he's angered. After saying that, he went off and told the same thing to Gul'jun. Soon, they both arrived at Ryleen's hut. After a while, Razeal arrived again, holding severed orc head. Gul'jun recognized the orc as his wife's killer. Kaz got furious and started yelling at Razeal, and after Forsaken left, claimed that they should kill Raz because of what did he done. After Hadunka stopped him from this, Kaz'jo tried to attack him, yet Hadunka tranquilized and tied him before that happened. He carried Kaz to his hut and talked wth him a while. During that, he found out that Kaz is not himself, rather that something controls him. Hadunka tranquilized warrior again and gone to Guljun. Both of them came to Kaz's hut to banish the spirit controlling him, yet it did not reacted on their tries, naming itself the manifestation of Kaz'jo's rage. Soon Ryleen arrived too, and spoke to the being in Kaz's body, which had done nothing else than playing riddles and trying to insult everyone around. Hadunka tranquilized him again, and by doing so, awoke true Kaz. He told everyone that he's being held in some weird world when the other one has control over his body - a world . After that everyone left Kaz tied for all night, freeing the warrior at early morning.

Next day Kaz left his axes in the hut and gone to talk with Ryleen. During the talk, he got angered by the story Ryleen said him, and accidentally freed the evil manifestation of rage. After Ryleen realized that, she ran away, chasen by being, that controled Kaz. He caught her behind one of the temples and attempted to kill Ryleen, stopped by Kaz'jo, which partially took control over himself and attempted to knock his dark guest out. He failed and evil one tried to hurt Ryleen again, but he was throwed back by sudden magic outburst. Ryleen stopped to fear him and stood above weakened being, telling it that Heritage will find a way to win over it. "Evil Kaz" promised that he will kill everybody, and when Ryleen said she will stop him, he threatened to kill Kaz instead, but simply collapsed, freeing his host by doing so.

Later that day, Kaz have gone to Ryleen to consult a letter he got. The letter stated about someone knowing Kaz'jo's problem and willing to help by two vials of some elixir, attached to it. Ryleen decided that Kaz should try this method. Shortly after that Vypra arrived. During talk, Kaz felt a terrible headache. Ryleen found out that he's going to be controlled again and ordered to drink the elixir, which put the warrior into a deep slumber. After "evil Kaz" snapped out, he tried to attack Ryleen, but the elixir sedated him, so he couldn't. Both Vypra and Ryleen managed to force "second Kaz" to drink the rest of elixir. After that, he became completely dazed, deciding to play "the question game" - he answered Ryleen's question, and after that, she answered his. During the talk he revealed that only Kaz can defeat him completely, and warrior's free will is the weak point of the curse. Hadunka came during the talk and he offered to make a special chains to tie Kaz up without hurting him. He gone to make it, Ryleen walked to catch a fresh air soon after. The manifestation spoke with Vypra, and when Hadunka came back, "evil Kaz" stood up and threatened about killing himself if they won't allow him to walk away. Before he did so, sideeffect of the elixir knocked him, and some forsaken alchemist spoke, using Kaz'jo's body as communicating device. He faded out soon and Vypra left. Ryleen came back short afterwards. Kaz's manifestation tried to trick them to free him, yet they did not. Soon, the second vial of elixir worked and undead alchemist spoke again, telling Ryleen and Hadunka how to keep Kaz's rage tamed for some time. He faded soon, and all three decided that leaving Kaz'jo tied is the best option, before his evil guest will be removed.

Ryleen came to Kaz'jo's hut at morning and spent most of the day watching him. At evening, Chabat came. During talk, evil manifestation awoke and angered Ryleen, making her to leave the hut under Chabat's care. Afraid of remaining alone with Kaz's dark guest, she has been eventually tricked and slightly wounded by him. Call for help trough the link made Ryleen to come back, assisted by Vaali. They took care of Chabat, leaving "second Kaz" alone for a while. Using that time he tried to crawl out of hut, yet before he did it, Ryleen came back and dragged him back inside. Vaali spoke to him, revealing that anger can be destroyed by it's opposite. Manifestation challenged Vaali to fight in the spirit world, when he will, as he claimed, come to destroy Kaz'jo's rage. After the talk, Vaali made some salve and administered it into the cut he made on Kaz's foot, putting him into deep dream.

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Re: Rage goes wild

Post  Gul'Jun on Thu Apr 29, 2010 1:35 am

qq so much for me saving you... hope vaali can do it!

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Re: Rage goes wild

Post  Vypra on Thu Apr 29, 2010 1:42 am

Thanks Kaz, that helps make sense of what i've been involved in.

While 'Bats was left alone with Him, 'Evil Kaz' tried to trick her repeatedly. As she didn't want to leave him alone, she began to write in her notebook to take her mind off how scared she was. this is what she wrote:

the spirit affecting Kaz is very sneaky.

First, it listened while me and Ry were talking...

When Ry managed to get Kaz back, something he said really upset her...i don't know if that was the cursed part or not, but she left me alone with him.

The next part was definitely the spirit

He asked me to let him out of the restraints Hadunka put on him so he could relive himself. Lucky for me, Had must have been busy because he didn't answer when i called over the link.

When it was obvious his plan hadn't worked the spirit gave up its pretense and started saying horrible things to me. In the end it tried to upset me so much that i would leave...and i admit, i did want to...but i couldn't leave Kaz there, who knows what the evil thing might have tried to do.

I had to do something though, i couldn't just stand there while It said mean things, so i started writing these notes.

It didn't seem to like that, and tried to get me to talk to it. It seems to get bored easily and wanted me to tell it interesting things.

I will see what happens when i talk to it...

Unfortunately for 'Bats, he finally did manage to trick her and she was wounded, though not severely.

"If we don't know where we belong, it'll make no difference from where we started"


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Re: Rage goes wild

Post  Hadunka on Thu Apr 29, 2010 10:56 pm

on the note of the cuffs and chains ... here is a description .. I will try to put in a sketch later.

This is some thing had have bin working on fore some time (he did not start it when this thing with Kaz came up). He decided that the heritage might need to hold a prisoner at some point.

Al metal is made out of Titanium. Heat and cold treated to withstand temperatures higher/lower than a body can handle. Also reinforced to not easily brake or to be curt thrue. A engineer will most likely have the tools necessary ... but even then it is not easy.

Starting from the top:
First we have a Collar made out of metal leather and cloth. The purpose is to minimise the prisoners head movement. It also have some other uses.
On the metal part of the collar is 12 metal rings. on 4 of these are 4 chains locked on with locks of metal.
The chains go down 2 in the front and 2 in the back, crossing on the middle in front and back.
There is also a chain going around the body, and it is attached to were the other chains crosses.
They are then attached to a belt made of metal chains and leather.
On the belt is once agen 12 metal rings. and 4 of them is occupied with the 4 earlier mentioned chains, but they do not stop there ... they continue down*.

The had cuffs are to made of metal, leather and cloth. they have chains attached to them that can be locked on (with metal locks) on either the collar, the belt, or one of the chains.

*The chains (attached to the belt) then continue down (once agen crossing half way in the front and in the back) and is attached to the 2 wrist cuffs. They are in turn connected by 1 chain in a loop (adjustable) in-between. This to limit he wearer to a maximum of 30 - 2 cm steps.the wrist cuffs are made of metal, leather and cloth.

Al in al the set is farly adjustable. At maximum the wearer have almost no movement capability, except some worming perhaps. At its most allowing setting .. its just some hindrance.
On a personal note .. I have tried one of these contraptions in RL ... (I will not tell why or how Wink ) and it is extremity limiting and a great discomfort.
Mine lacked the collar part though, but I was completely in the mercy of every one around me.

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Re: Rage goes wild

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