Guild meeting 12th April

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Guild meeting 12th April

Post  Vypra on Tue Apr 13, 2010 12:50 pm

Guild meeting 12th April

At the meeting were Chabat, Vypra, Hadunka, Kaz’jo, Mokab, Zalume and Ryleen.

First to be discussed was Sertah’s absence. She had at least sent a letter to Chabat this time though which said she was headed to the wetlands and would be gone for a few days. However, it did not say why she was going and a few days had already passed since the letter was sent. Also, while Sertah charged Chabat with leading the Heritage during her absence, Ryleen and Vypra felt the burden of becoming the acting Warlord would be too much for her.

The matter is of some urgency as, with no one to speak for us to the other guilds, the process of regaining our position of trust within the Blood pact could be severely affected.

Next, Kaz’jo asked if there had been any decision made regarding the raids he’d suggested for gaining materials from the Bloodscalp and Skullsplitter tribes. Ryleen decided that if Kaz felt able to deal with it, he should scout out the two settlements before we made our raid which he planned to do straight after the meeting.

After this, Hadunka informed us that the village was very near completion with the remaining huts likely to be finished by the end of the week. All those present went along to the village and picked out which huts that would like to occupy. There are only a limited number within the village itself so some members have decided to share. Look out for a plan of the village to be posted up with the names of who wants which hut and speak to Hadunka, Ryleen or Chabat to express your interest.

Finally, in honour of Chabat finally completing her apprenticeship and becoming a Mage, this week’s Friday dinner will be more of a party and will start at the later time of 21.00. I hope to see many there.

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