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Post  Heldra on Mon Dec 31, 2007 6:19 pm

The zhevra foal looked at her with large, black eyes beneath long eyelashes. It stretched its head towards Heldra and carefully smelled her hand, before going back to nudge its motherís dead body. The muzzle had been soft as silk.
Heldra carefully moved closer, slowly so she would not scare the little beast. She reached out and carefully stroked the soft baby fur on the foalís neck. It was sun-warmed and smelled a bit spicy.
The little foal looked up at the touch. It whinnied softly and nudged her outstretched hand with its silken muzzle. Heldra raised her right hand to the foalís mane, and with a swift, flowing motion she slit the foalís throat.
With a firm grip on the its mane, she lowered the limp body to the ground.
Silently she watched the foalís blood mix with the growing crimson pool of the mother zhevraís.
As life faded from the foalís eyes, and they went dim and dead, she took a careful step over the blood and started the task of skinning her prey.


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Re: Heldra

Post  Snicka on Mon Dec 31, 2007 8:27 pm

Yeargh, that was cruel. Sad I felt so sorry for the foal.
Welcome to the forums, Heldra! I hope as this story goes on, I will finally learn why doesn't our Pet speak. Smile

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