Guild meeting 29th March

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Guild meeting 29th March

Post  Vypra on Tue Mar 30, 2010 4:10 pm

Guild meeting 29th March

At the meeting were Ryleen, Chabat, Mokab and Moktor, Guljun, Kaz’jo and Hadunka.

We were later joined by the Blades: GraanShaKuun and Zarchiah.

Firstly, Kaz’jo asked for information regarding Northrend. We gave him directions for taking the Zeppelins and a brief overview of the terrain, people and animals he might encounter though he gave no real information regarding his planned trip to the rest of us.

Next, Ryleen asked for an update on the building work from Hadunka. 3 huts are now complete. 2 occupy the far corner and were originally to be reserved for the Warlord and Primal though that may change. The third completed building is the near the entrance to the village. If people want to reserve a sop for themselves, they should go see Hadunka ( I already asked for a spot near the back where I can see the huts of the Warlord and Primal but there’s still plenty of spots up for grabs).

There has still been no sign of ‘Ros’s body. Ryleen searched in the area he told us he left it but it looks very likely that Zen’zil has indeed taken it for himself. Therefore, anybody that sees Zul’Ros walking around in corporeal form should be –extremely- cautious as the body may in fact be possessed by the ancestor spirit and we have no idea of the extent of his power.

Next, our newest member introduced himself and his brother. There was some confusion at first as it turns out Mokab’s brother, Moktor, is trapped in the form of a frog. However, He was able to communicate with us via the spirit link though the introductions were interrupted by the arrival of the two Blades.

Via the spirit link, Ryleen informed us of the altercation she’d had with Graan at the dinner on Friday. The Orc seems to be taking personal charge of the search for the children and was very clear that any evasiveness on our part when asked a question would be interpreted as evidence that the Guild as a whole is guilty of treason.

During a brief moment where the two Blades conferred amongst themselves, we discussed the possibility of organising a number of raids on the more hostile troll tribes of the Vale to secure materials. Kaz’jo’s suggestion was a good one but we would have to wait for Sertah to organise details.

Unfortunately this drew Sertah’s absence to the attention of the Blades and was not received well by either of them. They were very unwilling to accept that she had not told us of her plans. Zarchiah seemed more accommodating once I had informed them that I’m the acting Primal and took care to make it clear that the Blades simply wish to bring Ryleen’s sister to justice, return the children to somebody who, in the Orc’s view, is more suitable to raise them and prevent anymore charges of treachery being levelled against us

The troll finally seemed to accept that we didn’t know where Sertah was and determined to find her and get an explanation himself. However, Graan had one last request. The Warbringer knows about the spirit link, though not really how it works. He ordered me to try contacting Deyy and get her to tell me where she and the children are hiding. Graan obviously never got to know Deyy because otherwise he’d know that wasn’t going to happen but I only promised to try so I will ask …if she lets me even contact her

Finally, as the meeting ended and we all went our separate ways, Zarchiah was waiting to speak with me.

He started with a small amount of flattery about how well I handled the meeting but quickly moved to the point. Despite having no love for Ryleen or her sister, he indicated that the situation we are in could get much worse now that Graan is meeting us personally. He seemed convinced that the Orc is unstable and was trying to tell me that he wouldn’t be able to stop things getting nasty if Graan lost his temper.

It more or less confirmed the suspicions we’d had earlier in the evening and I’m now convinced that none of us should be in his presence alone, especially Ryleen. If any of us should come into contact with him, warn the others immediately via the Spirit Link.

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