Heldra gone missing

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Heldra gone missing

Post  Heldra on Mon Dec 31, 2007 6:16 pm

The ever quiet little white-haired Heldra has gone missing. No one has seen her in a while. Admittedly, she has always come and gone as she pleases, very cat-like in her coming and goings. But she has never been away this long before....

(I'll be starting a new job far away, and I have to move before there is time to find a place to live, so until I do I'll be staying with my parents (thanks mum and dad). That means I won't have access to Wow for as long as it takes to find a place to live. It might take as long as a couple of months if I'm unlucky. Please let me stay in the Heritage though...! I love it here ^^. As Arnold would say.... "I'll be back!")


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Looking for Heldra

Post  Zanick on Tue Jan 01, 2008 4:33 pm

Too much time has passed since I last saw Heldra. I am worried that she may be in trouble somewhere. So, all Guild members should key a watchful eye out for Heldra and report any news of her.

And, speaking on behalf of the Primals and Voodoo Masters of the Guild (and I'm sure Guildmaster Snicka would agree), however long it takes to find Heldra, her place in our guild is secure for as long as she chooses to stay with us.

((Good luck finding a new place. Look forward to seeing you again soon.))

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