Ashenvale War Council 3rd March

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Ashenvale War Council 3rd March

Post  Vypra on Tue Mar 09, 2010 3:57 pm

Ashenvale War Council 3rd March

Location: Warsong Hold

Attendees: Dr. Alaster Grymm and Vaali Tzataluul of the Ashen Order; General Katalmach Duskclaw, Elder Nazrug and various other members of the Warsong Blades; Scout Zanick, Master Scribe Chabat and Veteran Tamb’jika of the Heritage of Zandalar.

Apologies for absence were given on behalf of Warlord Sertah Warpwood.

1) A detailed report on the defences and terrain surrounding Astranaar and Maestra’s post was given by the Ashen Order. Elvish reinforcements should be easy to hold off from the defensive positions identified. The Horde encampment in the area was not under surveillance by the enemy at the time. Steps may be undertaken to ensure that this remains the case. All indications point to optimal conditions for the planned attack.
2) Scout Zanick of the Heritage was able to add a little more corroboration to the Order’s detailed report. The group that carried out further investigations had reported their findings directly to Sertah who had not yet passed the information to her representatives.
3) The Blades’ reported that after traversing the Talondeep path between Stonetalon and Ashenvale, their battlegaurd had stirred up a Grimtotem camp. This should ensure that the aggressive Grimtotem guards waylay any alliance troops trying to make their way into Ashenvale via this route.
4) The Blades’ other objective was pacification of the Silverwing Refuge. Dr Grymm’s suggestion of using seaforium charges to distract the Elves from the attack of the Blademaster Krusg’s close combat troops was well received by most, though the Blademaster himself was less convinced of their necessity.
5) General Duskclaw thanked everyone for their support and dedication to their duties and bade all to stay focussed on their goals until the next meeting.

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