Guild Meeting 22nd Feb.

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Guild Meeting 22nd Feb.

Post  Vypra on Tue Feb 23, 2010 1:54 pm

Guild Meeting 22nd Feb.

This meeting was our first at Antu’Rah and the first to take place under the supervision of representatives from the Warsong Blades.

Their primary task was to ascertain, firstly, that we all acknowledged Sertah as our new Warlord, and secondly to witness a reaffirmation of the Blood Oath to the Horde. This, Sertah recited on our behalf, although all those present had to demonstrate their acceptance.*

We are to expect the presence of a member of the Blades at future meetings until our loyalty is no longer in question.

Next, the troll male, Zarchiah, demanded any information we had on the whereabouts of Ryleen’s Children who were to be taken back to the Blades.
Though aware that they had been taken by Yahsadin, they needed insight into her abilities and clues onto where to start their search.

We were unable to furnish them with many details as Yahs made sure to not tell us anything about where she planned to take them and, while initially accusing us of being uncooperative, the Blades seemed to accept our word that she acted alone and was no longer counted as a member of the Heritage.

After the Blades left the matter of our scouting mission was discussed. As Ryleen’s trial had been of such great importance, the mission had not been mentioned any further but it was decided that, we would need to ready if called upon and so Sertah lead us to an area that seemed a suitable training ground.

The first training session will be held on Tuesday 23rd Feb.

Nabu’jin then showed us to the place he felt would be a good place to store our sacred scrolls. The entrance was sealed with a frieze that Sertah felt was reminiscent of those on burial chambers.

The Warlord did recommend caution; if the place is protected by the spirits of the ancestors of those who lived here in the past, it would be unwise to anger them, but Nabu insisted that it was similar to scroll stores he had seen on Zul’Zadar and was confident that he could safely excavate it for our use.

With the meeting at a close it seemed that, despite our unwanted guests from the Blades, most of us are ready and eager to begin moving into the valley and when Hadunka returns, reconstruction of the village can finally get underway.

*Note: the Blades did not seem to expect Ryleen to re-affirm the Blood Oath and still doubt that she is repentant for her ‘crime’. However, while they cannot insist that she does not stay with us, it would be better if they saw she was involved in something other than our activities relating to the Blood Pact.

The true goal of the Heritage is to rediscover and then preserve much of the troll culture that has been lost to us. Ryleen can undertake this most important task and it is one that the Blades cannot take from her. To that end, I ask that any and all information or artefacts that we uncover relating to troll legends and history, be brought to Ryleen for her to study and catalogue.

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