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Troll Tales

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During the War of Arathor, nearly three thousand years ago, many troll tribes were displaced by the alliance and sought solace by breaking away from the broken Amani Empire. Their lands lost, or their homes destroyed, three tribes, The Thorntusk, The Woodrook and The Earthtusk banded together under one glorious leader; Cialga. What is known about Cialga varies depending on whom you ask, but all agree Cialga was a being of incredible power. Many believe she matched or even surpassed figures like Gul'Dan in power, but i always like to believe Cialga was a strong troll woman, a potent witch and a great leader.
With her apprentice, an old black-furred tauren, she led the united tribes to the coast of what was then the expansive empire of Zul'Aman, before it's downfall in the War. The new clan built a secret village in the cliffs of Tirisfal, and lived there for many moons while their leader sat in rumination and thought. Her orders finally came on a misty morning. The tribes were to build a fleet, large enough to hold an army of their strongest warriors and witches. Her apprentice questioned her, but no answer came until the night before they were to set sail.
"Long ago, before even the greatest of all wars, the minions of the Old Gods sought to raises a great mountain from the sea, and in doing so, unite their elemental armies to prepare for an unrelenting assault on the world of Azeroth. A great mage attempted to accomplish this, but his power faltered before the task was done, and as a result, there lies a fiery mountain at the bottom of the great sea. I seek to raise it from it's prison, and harness the dormant elemental energy within it. Realise, old friend, that with this kind of power, we may fight back against the Arathor, against the Amani, and claim all of their kingdom as our own!"
That night, it is said, the black-furred old Tauren was seen leaving the village, and was never seen again. The next morning, a great storm rolled across the sky, as if to forbid the troll's actions.
The fleet set sail. The storm raged at them, whipping up the water of the great sea and shrouding them with mist. The fleet were lost at sea for days, but eventually, they found the place Cialga had spoke of, but their numbers were diminished, lost to the storm. The witch muttered ancient words, and her tribes saw their effect. Underneath miles of thick blue ocean, they saw the glowing heart of a firey mountain.

The elements must have been alarmed, as just at that moment, legions of guardians fromed from the water itself, not Murlocs or Crawfolk, but elementals. Dark blue forms of swirling water, some wrapped in green cloth and with rusted, emerald armor. It became clear why she had chosen this day. Her tribes fought as well as they could from the sides of the ships, but the elementals soon overpowered each boat, swallowing it whole and dragging it's broken form and broken passengers to the deep. Cialga fought back, striking the elemental armies with potent bolts and forks and balls of lightning, evaporating their intangible forms. Her own ship carried the tribe's strongest shaman, and she ordered them to keep the spirits at bay while she conducted a ritual.
The shaman formed a circle around her as she chanted. And sure enough, the sea became rougher, and began to spin into a whirling spiral, funnelling downwards. Her magic lifted her ship from the water. It hovered on the sea winds as the giant earthen form rose beneath. She rose from the ship, her panicked shaman retreated, with a few zealous elementals following them. Cialga's spell was almost complete, the mountain's flaming peak was yards above the churning water surface. The water spirits all retreated. Cialga thought she had won. But the shamans in her ship witnessed the pillar of flames, the claws of fire dragging her down. The rocky fists beating her, and sealing her in the stone of the mountain. The last the shamans saw was the peak sinking slowly into the sea.

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