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Tamarah, of the Darkspear Empty Tamarah, of the Darkspear

Post  Tamarah on Mon Jan 25, 2010 2:49 pm

To the Heritage of Zandalar.

Greetings. My Name is Tamarah, of the Darkspear, a travelling shaman who would be interested in joining the Heritage of Zandalar. Your cause appear to be a just and noble one, and I would be honored to aid you accomplishing them. Apart from my shamanistic schooling I am also a scribe in training, something I'd be more than happy to share with whomever so wishes.

Character Name: Tamarah, of the Darkspear

Race: Troll

Class: Shaman

Age: 40

Level: 77 currently, and working upwards.

Professions: Gathering and catalouging of diffrent herbs, and also how to extract inks of said herbs to create glyphs.

Why do you want to join: ((Tamarah has lived a long time on her own in her travels, and she feels it is time she put what wisdom she has to use somewhere it would matters, hence joining the Heritage seemed like a wise decision since she believes the have a noble goal.))

How often do you play WoW? ((Most days I find some time to come online, since im am currently unemployed. This might (hopefully) change in time though.))

Roleplaying Experience: ((Played quite abit of tabletop RPG's, starting about 7 years ago and still rolling. Only recently got into serious WoW roleplaying, but I'm very interested in the WoW lore in general and hope that counts for something. ))

Character History: Tamarah was born and raised on the Isles just south of the Maelstrom. Showing affinity for spiritual practise, she was one of the trolls picked by the elders to be trained in the ways of witchdoctors. Alot of her youth was spent there in training, and only when she was in her late twenties did the warchief Thrall liberate the Darkspears from the attacking tribe of murlocs. She followed the warcheif overseas to Kalimdor along with the warriors of her tribe, to aid the warchief in the Third War. During her time in Kalimdor she came into contact with the orcish ways of shamanism, and evetually came into the apprenticeship of a orcish shaman. Her beliefs were rather changed by this, and she stayed with her master after the war ended. Later when she had finished her training with him she travelled through the Dark Portal and met with the Elders of Garadar in Nagrand, to study further. Returning fro Outland the offensive against the Lich King had begun, and she travelled north to aid the Horde. In Northrend she did however encounter the taunka, whom also had their own beliefs in the ways of shamainsm, and she decided to study their ways for some time aswell. When she felt she had learnt what she wanted she decided to return to her kinsfolk in Kalimdor, and perhaps help in guiding the next generation with the wisdom she had earned herself in her travels. And then she caught the name of Heritage of Zandalar in the wind...

Notes: Tamarah is a rather old and kind troll, and she tries to help anyone who so wishes, but she can be rather temperamental if provoked, and you wouldn't want to be on her bad side.


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Tamarah, of the Darkspear Empty Re: Tamarah, of the Darkspear

Post  Vypra on Mon Jan 25, 2010 8:13 pm

Hi, thanks for your application Smile

Your back story is interesting...and it occurs to me that it may often seem that we end up picking over the applications that have had a little more thought put into them...but, once again, i feel the need to raise one or two points.

Please take this as an attempt to clarify certain points of lore rather than anything else.

As there is some uncertainty over -exactly- how long ago the Darkspear were on their islands, I'm happy to accept that Tamarah was born there 40 years ago. However, given the generally accepted view that females were pretty much used as breeders until they joined the Horde, its somewhat unlikely that a female would have been trained as a witchdoctor in her own right at that time unless she was -exceptionally- gifted.

If she -is- that gifted, I'd recommend having some kind of defect that balances it out like being blind in one eye or hard of hearing or something. Just gives people something to focus on aside form the 'zomg, i got mega powahz'! Wink

Anyway, either stumble upon one of our Monday meetings or bump into us at our Friday dinners (both are in Orgrimmar's valley of spirits) and be ready to introduce yourself Smile

Hope to see you in game soon!

"If we don't know where we belong, it'll make no difference from where we started"

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Tamarah, of the Darkspear Empty Re: Tamarah, of the Darkspear

Post  Ryleen on Mon Jan 25, 2010 9:59 pm

Actually, Tamarah has been made an Outsider already. But I asked her to write an application to help keep track of members Smile

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Tamarah, of the Darkspear Empty Re: Tamarah, of the Darkspear

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