Guild Meeting 11th Jan

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Guild Meeting 11th Jan

Post  Vypra on Tue Jan 12, 2010 1:15 pm

Guild Meeting 11th Jan

At the meeting were Chabat, Stargazer, Ryleen, Guljun, Tamb男ika, Hadunka and Gen男in.

We were also joined by another new comer named Meegon.

Before the main business of the meeting was addressed, Meegon was asked to introduce himself to the guild. In return, Ryleen explained the purpose and goals of the Heritage before accepting Meegon into the spirit link as an outsider.

Ryleen then moved on to the first report: Engrek, the Orc who joined us for such a short while, is now dead. After travelling north to join the argent crusade, he soon returned. Claiming to serve the Lich King; His said it was his duty to kill all of us.
However, the warlord dealt with him and he is no longer a problem.

The next report concerned the recent attack on Stonard by a large Alliance force where the Horde garrison was soundly defeated. A meeting of the Blood Pact was called to asses this situation and present certain information about the future targets of this army. Their Ultimate goal seems to be the retaking of the Undercity, however, they plan to eliminate several Horde towns and outposts along the way which, of course cannot be allowed to happen.

In retaliation, the Warsong Blades hope to hasten their offensive in Ashenvale and have asked for our assistance in scouting the remaining Elvish defences and Ryleen agreed to form a party to act under the co-ordination of the Blades commanders.

At this point Ryleen conveyed, through the spirit link, her decision to attempt to make contact with the Humans either to find a diplomatic solution or at least gain some insight to the reason behind their attacks. After a successful test of her disguise where she learned of civil unrest in the Human capital, resulting in the disbanding of their Council, she is confident that she has a way of infiltrating their city and so, with Gen男in and Tamb男ika as back up, will head to Stormwind and gather what information she can.

Finally, Primal Gen男in gave us some disturbing news. The Tablet he has been searching for contains not only a legend but also, great Mojo. Gen男in confessed that the reason he needs this Mojo is because he made a deal with the spirit of Ancestor Zen築il in order to secure his aid for the guild.

As a result, his soul now belongs to the Ancestor. However, if Gen男in can find this 禅ablet of Thraze, he may be able to use the Mojo to free himself.
He was able to discover from the Spirit of the Ogre leader that human pirate had taken the tablet but had no idea where to head next in his search. As looking for the tablet will take up so much of his time, Gen男in declared that he would resign as Primal until he could free himself of his debt to Zen築il.

Refusing to be swayed by our offers of help, he decreed that his last act as Primal would be to select his successor. Any who wish to put themselves forward for this role should make their way to the great Gurubashi Arena when they hear the call.

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