Connecting with the Ancestor

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Connecting with the Ancestor

Post  Vypra on Thu Jan 07, 2010 10:23 pm

As Scribe of the Heritage of Zandalar, I'm recording my experience with the spirit of Ancestor Zen'zil of Zul.

It is not intended as a direct guide to how the spirit will interact with us all. I'm sure each one of us will have a different experience as the Spirit allows us to prove ourselves in the way that best for the individual.

However, many things have been lost to us Trolls in the dark years after the fall of the Twin Empires and so, i hope that in generations to come, we can be held as an example of how our people reclaimed their Heritage.

I'd already felt the presence of Ancestor Zen'zil once before, through the spirit link, but it was different this time...this time, i was to go before Him and prove my worth.

I made my way as quickly as i could to the sacred spring in Stranglethorn Vale. The others had cleansed the altar some time previously and cleared out the Naga infestation...but they seemed to be making inroads again and i had to kill a few on my approach.

Having drunk some of the blessed spring water, i felt the presence of Zen'zil manifest and i knelt before Him to receive my instructions.

He said he had a task for me that would suit me well and, once i had received the charm that would provide a link to Him, i followed His instruction to travel to the Sunken Temple.

Despite bands of adventurers destroying the majority of their number, there are still a stubborn few priests of the Atal'ai remaining in the ruins and it was the writings of these twisted trolls, who gave their loyalty to the Soulflayer, that i was to destroy.

Ancestor Zen'zil lead me to a chamber where many stone tablets were kept by the Unholy servants of the faceless one. In order that the knowledge of the rites to summon the Soulflayer should not be passed on, Ancestor Zen'zil ordered me to destroy first, their keeper, then the tablets themselves.

I managed to take the old priest by surprise and, despite by inexperience in combat, he soon fell to my spells. Unfortunately, he had a little surprise for me. Necromantic magics swelled and the priest's corpse clambered back to its feet.

Using my own magic i was able to freeze the shambling Ghoul in place and then blast it with fire. I can't describe the horror of seeing that burning corpse shambling round the altar but i managed to hold myself together until it collapsed, its limbs finally seizing up in the intense heat.

Under Zen'zil's instruction, i used the same fiery magics to destroy the tablets and remove the records of the Atal'ai from existence. From there, i returned to Nek'mani and received a gift of Powerful Mojo from Ancestor Zen'zil.

I was then given leave to return to my friends, the blessings of the vale upon me and with the reminder that, should i need His guidance or aid, all i need do is return to the sacred spring.

"If we don't know where we belong, it'll make no difference from where we started"


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