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Post  Engrek on Mon Dec 14, 2009 10:39 am

Character name*:Engrek tallorne

Character race*: Orc

Character class*: Warrior

Character level*: 74

Professions: Engineering Jewelcraft

Why do you want to join us?*: SSL has little too offer in "jump in" rp hence i would like to join you (also i like the ppl inside your guild Very Happy)

How often do you play WoW?: On a daily basis

Roleplaying experience: Ive been in the thunderscars/theatre of cruelty and this is from where ive mainly gotten my rp experience from
Character history: where to begin eh? Engrek tallorne was formerly one of the many blademasters of the burning blade, clan however unlike most of his tribe nay unlike most of the orcs he managed to escape at the battle of blackrock mountain and aided thrall as a soldier and commander in creating the new horde, while the warchief may not be fond of him it has given him an honorary place within the horde, Tallorne himself saw this as a second class citizenship and sought to prove himself further and he got his wish fulfilled,

when the dark portal emmerged he volunteered to go to the other side. when he was in outland he and his small company of troops were sent to do some of the more dangerous assignments that "real" members of the horde couldnt do, in the end they were used as shock troops against the black temple being the first wave to enter there, it was during the battle for the black temple that tallorne's mind went into the depths of insanity to seek refuge this awakened a personality within him that had been dormant since birth his personality split in half one part evil one part good, he was also physically scarred, a great fel fire elemental gave him horrid burn wounds on 90% of his body yet he kept on fighting, he recieved several cut wounds straight into the muscle of his body this is wounds that to this day havent healed, in the end he was the last man standing of his whole company and when he was relieved by reinforcements he was soo horribly scarred and maimed that the orcs did not believe it to be one of them hence they attacked,

by the time the orcs realised their error it was too late he had already left, this was the day he ended his service within the orcish army and started to tend to his wounds, after this began a life as a mercenary.

Notes: ok theres two engreks "evil" and "good" occasionally il go into "evil" mode


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Post  Vypra on Mon Dec 14, 2009 12:09 pm

welcome to the forum Engrek Smile

Not a bad application over all. I do have one question though. The Heritage take non-trolls into the guild as freethinkers. This means that you are expected to show an interest in our culture and values. You should be also be able to give -us- insights into Orc culture and advise us on how our actions may be interpreted by our allies. Is this something your character will be able to do?

"If we don't know where we belong, it'll make no difference from where we started"

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Post  Engrek on Mon Dec 14, 2009 12:48 pm

(( well while engrek is a deserter of the orcish army i do believe that he will be able to advise you if not in the regular tactical warfare of the standard orcish warlord he will be able to advise you in the tactics and warfare taught to him by the blademasters however on the culture thingie he will be able to (teach?) you of orcish and maybe at a push blademaster traditions))


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Post  Engrek on Mon Dec 14, 2009 12:51 pm

As subject says i might have misread ur reply but yes in a general sense hel be able to advise you


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