Guild meeting 30th November

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Guild meeting 30th November

Post  Vypra on Tue Dec 01, 2009 7:23 pm

Guild meeting 30th November

At the meeting were Gen'jin, Ryleen, Chabat and Stargazer.

Firstly Ryleen informed us that she's still awaiting replies to the letters she sent out. She expects these to to take some time to arrive so it will simply be recorded when they do.

Aside from our Warlord, nobody from the guild was able to attend the dinner on Friday, however, there were attendees from other guilds and it seems that a rather lively debate ensued. Fortunately, bloodshed was avoided and Ryleen is hopeful that more people will join her in Orgrimmar for the Friday night dinner in future.

Gen'jin and Ryleen briefly discussed guild operations in Stranglethorn Vale and, while there has been no further progress on our part, Ryleen intends to go asses the impact to the goblin operations there and see that any repairs they may be making suffer some 'set-backs'.

Stargazer's illness now sees her withdrawn and unresponsive to any attempts at communication. We will be attempting to contact her foster parents and efforts have been made to find healers that have any experience at dealing with this kind of ailment but it seems all that we can do for the moment is to try and ensure that she doesn't harm herself.

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