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Post  shadowtroll on Sun Oct 25, 2009 4:09 pm

Character name*: Jizara
Character race*: Troll
Character class*:Shaman (Witch Doctor)
Character level*: 18
Professions: Skinner

Why do you want to join us?*: From an OOC point of view do I need anything else to say except good troll RP? From a IC point of view my character is looking help creating a Darkspear Empire in example of the Zandali trolls proving the tribe as one of the most vital and strong ones due their traditions.

How often do you play WoW?: Depends on the week, sometimes I can play every day, sometimes I might be just logging on to 'pretend' some activity. Usually can't predict exactly when my time is allowing me to spend few hours in game.

Roleplaying experience: One year Pen and Paper RP, 2 years in game (WoW) RP and some table top thing.

Character history: Young troll by name Jizara shared a ordinary life for the standarts of a Darkspear, taking his place among the tribe and working for its well being., When the humans arrived Jizara was a young troll at the age of 22 summers. Aiding the tribe as hunter and collector he was also worshiping the Loa to earn the respect of the elder Witch Doctors to teach him their knowledge. After the events of the Third War he observed the changes in his tribe which now didn't lived united but was scattered among Horde outposts, strongholds and fortication in their new homeland - Kalimdor. Firstly impressed by the Orcs (and their other new allies) who fough foolishly in the open (but with courage) he started disliking them for what they were teaching the Darkspears, especially the females which should not take the traditional place in Tribe. He saw the treason of Zalazane as a sign that the Orcs and their ways are making the Tribe weak. Soon he was forced to practice the ritualic cannibalization of his enemies duo the Orcs and Taurens believes as well, which in his eyes is again a way to weaken the Darkspear as they can't absorb powerful mojo of their foes!

Trained in the art of the Witch Doctor he started leaning towards the dangerous Voodoo, in search of his brethen he decides to turn to the last strong Troll Tribe which is not affected by outsiders - the Zandali. Informing himself about the Heritage of Zandalar which praises their way he decides to seek them out and with united forces to achive his ultimate goal - a strong Darkspear Tribe, independent.

Notes: Jizara could be described as typicall troll in many aspects. He bears mistrust to all non trolls with small exceptions of Orcs and Taurens. Sexist, xenophobic, in the shadows practicing what the Horde does not fully accept Jizara finds mostly aid in his older brother Zalara.

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Post  Ryleen on Sun Oct 25, 2009 11:42 pm

Sounds good. We need more traditionally minded trolls to spice things up Smile

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Post  Snicka on Mon Oct 26, 2009 1:45 pm

So you decided to make a more traditional troll character, S'troll? Smile
I can expect some disrespect towards Ryleen - she may be seen as an example in Jizara why women should not be appointed to leaders. (Although the mighty Zul'jin had a similar fate to her - captured and mutilated by enemies -, but he may overlook this fact.)
Have fun with the Heritage of Zandalar!

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