Letter to Ryleen

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Letter to Ryleen

Post  Vypra on Sun Oct 04, 2009 3:26 pm

(( As i posted here , i'm leaving WoW but i couldn't go without coming up with a reason for Chabat not being around anymore (its always irritated me slightly when ppl just 'disappear' ) so here it is... ))

Dear Ryleen,

i've thought long and hard about this and i'm sorry to leave you all when things are so difficult but i'm going to go and find Gnaljin.

He's been sending me letters (he actually learned to write so he could stay in touch!) and the more i've read, the more i realise that i want to be with him.

You've been a good leader and a wonderful freind. I'll miss you and the others very much but i have to follow my heart.

Spirits watch over you


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Re: Letter to Ryleen

Post  Snicka on Sun Oct 04, 2009 9:21 pm

So Chabat leaves us...
Which brings up the question... who will serve as a scribe in the future?

((I will not comment on the fact that you're quitting as I did it in the respective WeAreLegion thread. But I'm glad you were part of the Heritage of Zandalar, and I hope you had a good time with us!))

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