Guild Meeting 28th September

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Guild Meeting 28th September

Post  Vypra on Tue Sep 29, 2009 12:30 pm

Guild Meeting 28th September

At the meeting were Zalume, Chabat, Gen男in, Taupod, 然os and Ryleen.

Ryleen informed us that she had been approached by the Thunderscar Clan. They say they are a 素amily that will take in people of all races whose goals are to fight the Scourge and the Alliance.

The Warlord accepted their friendship but no official agreements have been made as yet.

Ryleen then confirmed that the attempt to free Corigo from the House had been a success. Despite some injuries, no more of our people have fallen and Corigo痴 spirit has been freed to join the ancestors. We should all be proud of Corigo. He was a brave warrior and died true to his beliefs.

A ceremony will be held in Sen男in on Friday at 19.00 to celebrate his life.

The Warlord and the Primal will be attending a meeting of the Blood Pact on Wednesday this week. Gen男in will inform them of our plans to begin reclaiming and protecting our ancient lands in Stranglethorn Vale.

These plans will begin on Thursday and we are asked to meet up at Grom暖ol base camp. We must all take great care while on these manoeuvres as the House will know roughly where we are and may try to attack us.

Finally, Ryleen told us that Rokalm has betrayed us to the House. It seems he has given them information about us that may add to the danger should they attack us in Stranglethorn. However, Taupod overheard something that leads him to believe that Rokalm痴 usefulness to the House may be at an end and it is possible He may suffer the same fate as Corigo.

As the meeting was drawing to a close, Stargazer arrived, demanding to know why she had been drugged and kept in a hut in Sen男in. She seemed convinced that Vypra had drugged her and kept her prisoner for two days. This didn稚 tally with what Chabat knew of the situation, however, Gen男in examined Star carefully and plans to interrogate Vypra as soon as he has the results of his tests.

Stargazer refused to let us know exactly where she will be staying so we must contact her via her Tauren parents in Thunderbluff once we have more news. Until then, it seems the concerns Zanick had about Star痴 behaviour were justified. Any attempts to follow Star will most likely be met with suspicion and hostility so it would be best to simply keep each other informed by the spirit link should any of us see her around.

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