Guild meeting 21st September

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Guild meeting 21st September

Post  Vypra on Tue Sep 22, 2009 12:07 pm

Guild meeting 21st September

At the meeting were Ryleen, Haradar, Ros, Zalume, Rahgjin, Chabat and Gen男in. We were accompanied, loudly, over the spirit link by Taupod who later joined us at the meeting.

Ryleen brought us all up to date with the latest actions of the House of Sylvanas. The Elf, Daidrax, who had reportedly been declared a traitor by her Dark Mistress, Raszanath, was revealed instead to be a spy.

Ryleen opted to let her go, hoping that Daidrax would appreciate her kindness. However, the Elf chose to attack instead. Fortunately, Taupod was able to defend the Warlord, taking the poisoned arrow himself. The Champion has since made a full recovery and there has been no further news of any activity on the part of the House.

Next, Ryleen told us of a letter she had received from Zanick. It seems that Stargazer has been behaving strangely and Chabat volunteered to look for Star and stay close to her to help her through her recovery. If anybody else sees evidence of Star acting oddly, please inform the others via the spirit link.

Gen男in and Ros felt that the machine that Star told us she remembered may have been a creation of the Venture Company and Gen男in promised to scout out their camp in Stranglethorn Vale.

Leading on from there, Gen男in announced his plans for us to take over the old troll territory in the Vale. The area around the Great Arena and the Blessed Nek'mani Wellpsring will be protected and maintained by us. Any Pirates, Naga and other Troll tribes will be driven out.

The Arena itself will not be claimed as ours as it is traditionally used by all inhabitants of the Jungle, to settle personal strifes. We will of course protect it from damage, but the Battle Ring will remain open and free to use by anyone and we will maintain the old custom of keeping the spectators free from harm.

Ryleen had some concerns that it might be dangerous to start these manoeuvres while still at war with the House but it was felt that the Jungle is a big area for them to search and they would also have to make their way through pirates and the other troll tribes to find us. It痴 not likely they have much experience fighting in the Jungle where our fighting style will be more effective and so Gen男in plans to begin with the project on Wednesday.

Once again, we are all advised to stay in touch via the spirit Link and steer clear of direct confrontation with the House until we are ready to take back Corigomore information on this will be coming soon!

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