Guild meeting 24th August

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Guild meeting 24th August

Post  Vypra on Tue Aug 25, 2009 12:27 pm

Guild meeting 24th August

At the meeting were Chabat, Gen’jin, Skeen, Stargazer, ‘Ros, Gnaljin and Gul’Zayne.

Skeen made an announcement that he had heard the call of the Loa and will be leaving for far off lands. He did not know where his journey would take him but Gnaljin will be accompanying him. We wish them both good luck on their travels and ask the spirits to watch over them.

Next, Gul’Zayne informed us that the Warsong Blades have formed an alliance with the House of Sylvanas. This could cause some difficulties for us in our endeavour to bring our retribution for Lyranne’s murder upon the House. We will have to wait for Ryleen’s assessment of the situation before we proceed further.

Gen’jin has been busy in Stranglethorn Vale making preparations for us to begin clearing and rededicating the sacred sites of our ancestors. The plans need finalising and the approval of the Warlord but we should be able to begin reclaiming the area very soon.

Gul’Zayne also raised the issue of Lyranne’s current situation. Last week there were many of us that, at best, were uncomfortable with her becoming undead. After much meditation to determine the wishes of the Loa he has come to feel that they still have much work for Lyranne to do before she is called by Muehzala and as such she may still be counted as our bloodsister without angering the spirits.

Finally, Gul’Zayne mentioned a growing unease about the Black Dragonflight. He cannot give us more than a vague impression of danger for the moment but warned us to be cautious around any of the dragonkin and avoid Wyrmrest temple in Dragonblight if at all possible.

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