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Post  Nanooka on Fri Aug 21, 2009 11:52 am

Character name*: Nanooka Ke'alle
Nickname: Nan'
Age: Mortem: 28
Post Mortem: 2 years 4 months.
Character race*: Troll
Character class*: Death Knight
Character level*: 58
Professions: --
Why do you want to join us?*: OOC: I've been wanting to try out some Troll rp for a long while now. IC: Since Nanooka escaped the Scourge he has heard many stories of the Zandalri and the Heritage and wishes to try his hand in the ways of the Zandalari.
How often do you play WoW?: Everyday, during my days off scholl about 12 hours when possible. I'll most likely be on Nan' for a few hours at least every other day.
Roleplaying experience: I used to roleplay alot on forums until I found the rp realms on WoW. And since the Sunfury Ball of 2008 I've hardly stopped rping.
Character history: Nan' grew up with his father 3 brothers and 2 sisters after his mother went missing by a river on his trbes island when he was 3.
He hunted for the tribe for almost 12 years until he began picking up little bits of voodoo and other magics from the tribe elders and passing travellers. By time the Trolls had joined the Horde, Nan was well on the track of the priest.

He was travelling with a friend, a shaman by the name of Tuhmalle, when the two were ambushed by a small group of dwarves. The two fought amicably until Nan' was killed by a shot to the neck.

He woke up a few months later under Arthas' thrawl and was so for nearly three years.
Notes: Still a bit of a Troll rp basic sadly. Mad


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