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Making war - Troll style Empty Making war - Troll style

Post  Vypra on Thu Aug 06, 2009 2:19 pm

A few recent incidents where we have been asked to take part in pvp have highlighted an intresting attitude to making war from some of our trolls.

Traditionally, troll warfare was geurilla in style. Attacking from ambush, using traps and poisoned weapons were all part of how the trolls made war. However, it seems our association with the Orcs may be changing our young warriors. These tactics are often seen as cowardly and dishonourable despite the fact that both the Darkspear and the Zandalari would have been forced to develop such methods over the millenia due to their small numbers.

Here are the notes i found on how the fearsome Zandalari warriors engage in battle:

wowwiki wrote:

The Zandalar tribe is a group of mystical trolls who serve as the priest caste for all other trolls. They have few warriors, and what warriors they do have are dedicated to protecting their home island of Zandalar. Thus, when the Zandalari need people to accomplish tasks in the larger world, they work through agents of other races. Were an unfriendly member of such a race to enter Zandalar, however, he would find himself contending with the Zandalariís warriors. Though few, they are rumored to be excellent fighters.

The Zandalari make their home in the jungle. As such, their warriors prefer to attack from ambush, lurking in the treesí shadows, in the underbrush, or in the canopy before bursting out to attack. They set themselves up in the wilderness along their enemyís path well in advance, then leap forward when the time is right. They hurl javelins; then, depending on the reaction, they either continue to fling their weapons, they charge into melee, or they melt back into the shadows to perform the same tactic again.

Many priests and witch doctors work among the Zandalari, so almost all Zandalar warriors are in possession of a few bottles of brews they can slug back to make themselves stronger, fiercer, or heal their wounds. Zandalar leaders carry many such concoctions and are sure to have witch doctors at their sides who provide them with more. If they expect to go to battle, the trolls drink the brews immediately beforehand, allowing them to crush their enemies with ease.

If battle is joined, Zandalar priests and witch doctors support their warriors with enhancement spells and healing in addition to entering the fray directly. Bloodlust and inner fire are particularly devastating ó spells that affect many allies at once. Of course, the spellcasters donít mind blasting their enemies when the situation calls for it, and Zandalari potion docs spend battles hurling explosive potions into enemy ranks.

The few Zandalari warriors take the front lines, though they prefer to soften up the enemy with thrown javelins and axes first. This tactic also allows their spellcasters more time to cast beneficial spells on them before melee is joined. Zandalari warriors are fierce and wild, and they do not often retreat; once a troll throws himself into melee, he isnít coming back until the enemyís corpses lie about him.

Zandalar warriors perform other functions as well, including reconnaissance, discovering the best places to set their ambushes. They also harry enemy forces with guerilla tactics, which can make the enemy foolish. Priests and witch doctors help these endeavors with divination magic.DF 188-189

While i understand why some of the younger trolls will see things from the Orc's point of veiw, should we be maintaining the traditional way of battle? Or can we allow ourselves to be more influenced by the Orcs and their 'Honourable' combat techniques?

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Making war - Troll style Empty Re: Making war - Troll style

Post  Ryleen on Thu Aug 06, 2009 4:18 pm

I can only speak of my own personal view on the matter, of course. To try to at least seem "honourable" is a good thing for us right now, as we don't want to offed our allies. But only as long as their way is working. If it isn't, we do it our way instead. Smile Should we find ourselves fighting alone, we will of course not have to worry so much about orcish honour.

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