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Welcome to Zul'aman

Post  Snicka on Fri Nov 30, 2007 12:57 am

Snicka was riding through the Ghostlands, on the back of his swift raptor, Naree. In his bag, he held a letter for a certain Budd Nedreck, camping around Zul'aman. Snicka was eager to see the ruined city of his people, which was rumored to be the residence of Zul'jin himself.
In the distance, he saw the gates of the city with the skull shaped embossment. He suddenly heard a yell: "Stop!" Three figures walked towards him: an orc, and two human archers with bended bows. The orc seemed to be the one in charge, because he spoke. "In the name of the King and the Warchief, tell me your name and your goal."
Snicka made a Horde salute, and said: "Warlord Snicka. I be bringin' a letta' to Budd Nedreck."
"Welcome to Hatchet Hills, Warlord." said the orc in a friendlier tone, and ordered at the archers to put down their bows. "Let me take you to Budd. The name's Turgore. To be honest, your appearance is very confusing. For a moment, I've thought you're one of them..."
"One of who?" asked Snicka, as he was following Turgore.
"The Amani trolls, o'course. We're fighting them without success."
"You be fightin' da Amani?" gasped Snicka. "But why?"
"Were you born in Dun Morogh? We're fighting them to stop them from claiming Eversong Woods! Their warlord escaped recently from his prison, and now he's gathering an army to get their vengeance."
"Deir warlord?" asked Snicka, suspiciously. "Wot be 'is name?"
"Something Zul... Zul'din or Zul'jin..." said Turgore.
"No." said Snicka, and stopped. "Zul'jin be dead."
Turgore laughed. "I hope he was dead, but we can't get him out from there."
"Zul'jin... he been a friend of da Horde. Can't believe da Horde be turnin' against 'im!"
"Things change, friend. Thrall offered help to those ruddy Blood Elves, so we're helping them to fight the Amani."
Snicka and Turgore have arrived to a camp. Several humans, orcs, trolls and goblins were walking around. An orc peon was carrying a huge green corpse. Snicka realized, shocked, that it was an Amani berserker.
A whole world collapsed in Snicka's mind. The Horde fighting the Amani for him was like both a slap in the face and a stab in the back. The Amani half of his heart told him that he should join Zul'jin and burn this camp down. But then, the Darkspear half warned him that he owes his debt to Thrall for rescuing him.
A human poked Snicka. "Hey, are ye looking for me?"
"Er... who you be?" said Snicka, confused. The human looked at him as if he was a complete fool.
"Who am I? Sure you haven't heard of me? I'm the one and only Budd Nedreck. Haven't you seen my posters all around in the cities? Well... please ignore the word "wanted" on them. Turgore told me that a troll bought me a letter, is that you?"
"Er... ya mon, it be from Griftah in Shattrath..." said Snicka, and handed over the letter to Budd.
"What's the matter, mate? You look as if you bit a lemon..." asked Nedreck.
"Nothin'..." said Snicka quickly. "Where's the flight master?"
Budd Nedreck pointed at a goblin, standing in front of a perch of a wyvern. Snicka bowed, and quickly mounted the wyvern. He wanted to get away from this camp as far as possible...

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