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Post  Mekohu on Tue Jul 21, 2009 1:25 am

Character name: Mekohu
Character race: Troll
Character class: Warrior
Character level: 1 (i will level up dont worry Smile )
Professions: none yet but i will be taking up blacksmithing and mining

Why do you want to join us?: OOC: I've saw your post on the wow-europe forums and heard SSLs famous horde RP and dont want to miss it! IC: Mekohu bin hearin' whisperin's 'bout a Heritage, he think' he be willin' to follow da ways of da Zandalari, he think' he got what it takes!

How often do you play WoW?: every day, sometimes 12 hours, on school nights only 4-5pm til 11pm but its summer eh? Very Happy

Roleplaying experience: Since i was but a child in 2005 i did some Roleplay on my older brothers account, i have had some characters on AD that i went on frequently

Character history: Mekohu was rough as a child, his father always saying he could crush his opponents and teaching him more ways to fight. His father owed his life to Thrall journying with him, Mekohu was aways the one to stay at the camps while his father fought as a Headhunter. This angered him..
The day his father died, his true talents unlocked. He stood and watched as his father and several others fought Quilboars and Razormanes, He watched, his fighting father let out a roar to that of a giant as he was hit squarley by a bolt of electricity, Mekohu couldnt contain it, he ran, dropping at his fathers side, as a quilboar headed for him, he barrel rolled out the way, snatching his fathers axe, he spun around and jumped in the air. The quilboars head rolled across to its Master, who gazed down upon it before being reduced to a red smear on the desert floor. The others watched this young one rush about hacking a everything, before running to Orgrimmar, his fathers axe still clutched in his hand.
Notes: nothing more than i can be on whenever, or atleast try Razz i'll try my best to roleplay and i hope you find me entertaining and active if i do join


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Post  Ryleen on Tue Jul 21, 2009 7:24 am

We'd be happy to have you with us, Mekohu! Whisper me or some of the others in game when you see us online, and we can arrange an ic meeting. Or you could simply wander by on one of our gatherings. We have guild meetings each monday evening at 2030, and we eat dinner together in valley of spirits on fridays, 2100.

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Post  Vypra on Wed Jul 22, 2009 12:28 pm

Welcome to the Heritage.

Sorry i didn't get chance to actually talk to you at the pub night last night. As you may have noticed, it was a little hectic.

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