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Post  Snicka on Thu Nov 29, 2007 9:01 pm

Many of you have proven yourself as a faithful and useful member of the Heritage, so I'm taking some promotions into consideration.
They are the following:

Zanick, from Headhunter to Berserker. She has been in the Heritage for quite a long time, and has done quite a lot for it, just look at her posts in the Lorekeepin' section of the forum.

Ashya, from Whelp to Hexer. Although quite a new recruit, she is one of our most active members and has given us really good times of RP, not to mention that she has the most elaborate backstory.

Bersekeger, from Whelp to Hexer. Despite his (IC) foolishness and horrible manners, I really appreciate his efforts in headhunting.

The promotion ceremony will take place on the next guild meeting, I'll announce the day and the time in a few days, as long as I manage to know my RL timetable.

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