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Unseelie Treasure Hunt of Azeroth Empty Unseelie Treasure Hunt of Azeroth

Post  Zul'Ros on Tue Jul 14, 2009 1:20 am

Come one, Come all, to the most amazing, spectacular, tremendous, outstanding, outrageously fun event in all the land, The Unseelie Treasure Hunt of Azeroth!

That’s right folks, a Treasure Hunt will be hosted by the Unseelie Court on the 19th July. The meet and greet with be at 17:00 in Ogrimmar’s Valley of Spirits with the main event starting at 17:30 sharp.

Pre-registration is required for all teams. Simply mail your Team name and the names of your team members, no more than four per team, to Solthor or Alkira. But be fast ladies and gentleman, registration closes at midnight on the 16th July.

Solving clues and answering riddles, racing to beat the other teams, all manner of fun is to be had trying to get your hands on some of our great prizes including pets, equipment, promises, gold and more!

So come all you Lore-Masters, Historians, Travellers, Adventurers and more to the Unseelie Treasure Hunt of Azeroth.

((Not all that much more to say, but recommend no –all low levels- teams as the hunt will go into lvl 45+ areas, but hopefully all should be accessible with a little effort. Clues are of varying difficulty from the “everyone knows that” to the “I’m gonna actually have to look up some lore info”. Rules and instructions to be read out on the day during the meet and greet. If you need any more info or see something I’ve missed in this post, please contact me in game))

--------------Underneath the Flier is a colourful list of prizes-------------

Weapons and Armour

Rituals Of The New Moon. ((Lvl 70 offhand. Use ability changes you into a wolf. x 12))
Gloves Of The Fang. ((Lvl 14 leather melee gloves))
Mark Of Kern. ((Lvl 31 melee ring))
Magician’s Mantle. ((Lvl 20 cloth caster shoulders))
Elder Wizard’s Mantle. ((Lvl 51 cloth caster shoulders))
Girdle Of The Mystical Prison. ((Lvl 78 plate melee belt))
Aotona’s Collar Of The Squire. ((Lvl 74 plate melee bracers))
Blade Binding Bulwark. ((Lvl 76 defence shield))
Bulge Concealing Breastplate. ((Lvl 77 leather melee chest))


Mana Wyrmling
Crimson Snake
Senegal Parrot
Siamese Cat
Red Moth
Brown Rabbit
Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling
A voucher for the acquisition of a Baby Phoenix


Scroll of Enchant Bracer Superior Spellpower. ((+30 sp))
Scroll of Enchant Cloak Superior Agility. ((+16 agi))
Scroll of Enchant Weapon Mongoose. ((Does this need an explaination?))
Scroll of Enchant Two Handed Weapon Greater Savagery. ((+85 ap)
Scroll of Enchant Weapon Exceptional Spellpower. ((+50 sp))
Scroll of Enchant Gloves Blasting. ((+ 10 crit))
Scroll of Enchant Boots Greater Stamina. ((+7 stam))
Scroll of Enchant Weapons Lifestealing. ((Does exactly what it says on the tin))


Voucher for one hundred Gold (( x 3))
Preserved Holly ((1 stack of 5))
Four of Prisms ((Darkmoon Faire Card))
Two of Chaos ((Darkmoon Faire Card))
Two of Nobles ((Darkmoon Faire Card))
Frozen Orb ((x2))
Blacksmithing Plans Titanic Leggings ((300 skill req))
Tailoring Pattern Cloak of the Black Void ((350 skill req))

So i want to make up a team for the event, or join an already existing one. The limit is 4 people per team, and so far 3 spots are open. Everybody is welcome to apply Very Happy

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Unseelie Treasure Hunt of Azeroth Empty Re: Unseelie Treasure Hunt of Azeroth

Post  Snicka on Thu Jul 16, 2009 4:31 pm

Applications ending today!
Where did all the other posts go?

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