Guild Meeting 22nd June

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Guild Meeting 22nd June

Post  Vypra on Tue Jun 23, 2009 1:07 pm

Guild Meeting 22nd June

At the Meeting were Chabat, Stargazer, Ryleen, ‘Ros, Rokalm, Eiseth, and Zin’Zalji.

Firstly, we discussed the Curse that is affecting Ryleen and to a lesser extent, Rokalm. The Curse seems to have come from a Tablet dedicated to Hakkar that Rokalm found on the shores of Lake Nazferiti in Stranglethorn Vale. Both reported feeling the effects of the Curse as soon as they touched the tablet. However, while Rokalm said only that he felt some kind of chill and seems to be merely somewhat more vague than usual; Ryleen also suffered from weakness and fever and has lost the use of her magic.

The effects of the curse left Ryleen too weak to continue leading the meeting and she asked Star to take over while she went to rest.

We then briefly discussed another tablet that Rokalm brought to the dinner on Friday night that seemed to cause all us trolls to want to keep it for ourselves as soon as we looked at it. This tablet is now safely stored away until we have dealt with the one causing Ryleen’s illness.

Jimar had recommended to Ryleen that Gul’Zayne should be the one to try and remove the Curse and I agreed to send him a letter as soon as I could after the meeting to let him know about the problem and Zin’Zalji offered to brew a potion to try and relieve some of Ryleen’s symptoms.

Next, Star reminded us about some events that are coming up this weekend. On sixth day there are two events planned. At 19.00, Vypra will be holding a ritual to honour the Great Fire spirit at the Festival fire at Razor Hill. Anybody is welcome to attend and make their own offering to the spirits and gain the blessing of the flames.

After this, the Warsong Blades are celebrating the founding of their organisation at the Filthy Animal in Dalaran. The party starts at 20.00.

The following day, around 13.00, Deyyania is holding a celebration in memory of her friend Quintilius. Although he was a Forsaken, Quintilius was, for the most part, a very cheerful person and lived his un-life with great enthusiasm. He meant a great deal to Deyy and I hope the spirits can find it in themselves to grant him a place in the after-life despite the curse of undeath he had to endure.

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