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Fire festival Blessing Empty Fire festival Blessing

Post  Vypra on Wed Jun 10, 2009 1:29 pm

*the following may be seen in all Horde settlements, Ratchet and Dalaran*

"By Fire Be Blessed!"

The festival bonfires are more than simply lights across the land.

On Saturday the 27th of June at 19.00 ((server time)), there will be a gathering at the Festival Fire outside Razor Hill.

The Shaman of Azeroth will call upon the spirits of Fire to bless the people for the remainder of the year. Place an offering on the fire and allow the spirit of the flame to join with your own, cleansing the soul and instilling greater prowess on the battlefield!

Then join in the traditional games and feasting in honour of the Spirits!



In an effort to bring Shaman more to the fore of the Horde (as they should be ) I'm hosting this event to make a little extra use of the great festival items we're provided with.

There will be a ritual performed, followed by time for all attendees that wish to do so, to place an offering on the festival fire and make a more personal request. Finally there will be a celebration in honour of the great fire spirit.

I invite any Shaman to come along to take part in the actual ritual, but there's no level or class restriction on the audience so anybody is welcome to attend.

And remember, if your main character wouldn't be interested in such a celebration...roll an alt that would!

Hope to see you there!

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