The Dream

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The Dream

Post  Ashya on Sun Nov 18, 2007 2:15 pm

Ashya slept, tossing fitfully around under her blankets. The days Duty had left her tired, as well as the long session with the Shamans of the tribe. Kemsha was on the mat next to Ashya's sleeping roll, watching her adopted daugther with a worried look on her face as the young Shaman muttered in her sleep.

"Nyuuh..." Ashya moaned softly. "No... Ge'way from me..'elp... MOMMY!" she muttered in her sleep. Kemsha kneeled by her side and gently shook Ashya, who slept doggedly on. "Sweety? Wot be 'rong?" Kmesha said softly, trying to rouse Ahsya. "N-no.. moah bugs..." she whimpered "Ge'way from me... nooo... bad spi'its..."

Ashya tossed in her sleep, whimpering and thrashing. Kemsha gently shook Ashya. "Pl'ase, sweety. Wak' up...". Ashya gasped and opened her eyes in shock and let out a strangled cry. "M-mommy!". Kemsha hugged her tightly. "Dere, dere sweety. Ya 'ere jus' dreamin'" Kmesha said, making soft soothing noises. Ashya shivered "M-mommy.... ah be so scared..." Ashya said, clinging to her mother. "Da dream.. so scareh.."

Kemsha frowned. "Wot did ya see, sweety?". Ashya blinked and took a deep breath. "Ah.... ah was walking in da desert... wif all white sand lak.. Ah found lak... a little purple ball.. uhm.. lak... glass.. an'in it was smoke, cha?".

Kemsha nodded. "Mmm, da desert... ball ya say?"

Ashya nodded slightly "Cha... kin'a... Bu'when ah tried ta picked it up, big bug kem from da ground an'chased me." she said with a shudder. "Big bug?" Kemsha asked, hugging Ahsya a little tighter. Ashya frowned in thought for a moment. "Cha... lak... no'a spidah.. more lak... dem bugs ya seen on da Shimmerin'flats, cha? Bu' lots an'lots biggah. Ah ran'way from it, and suddenleh a was runnin'thru da Jungle... an'den ah saw it was lak... where dem old tribe use'ta be? Dere was 'notha one of dem balls, bu'den da big snake came... look lak dem statues dem eldah wo'shipped...So ah coul'no pick it up... ah ran 'way from dem..."

Kemsha nodded, remembering Ashya's tales about her time in Stranglethorn. "Dem...Hakkar stat'es?" Ashya nodded, wrapped up in the recounting of her dream. "Ah ran from da snake... it followed me thru a canyon... ah ran into an ol'castle. ". Kemsha raised an eyebrow. "Cas'le... canyon...?" she muttered, and Ashya nodded again. "Cha... dere was dis old town.. wif lotsa ghosts, an'da big towah.. In da towah was dis big statue wif a small altar.. lak ya mek when ya pray to dem Loa. An'dere was 'notha ball... bu'when ah tried ta lift it, da big statue came an'tried ta burn me wif fiah. Ah ran'gain, an'dem bugs were back... lak.. 'undreds of dem, mommy.. and da big snakes... an'dey all chased me." Ashya shivered and cuddled up closer to Kemsha. "Ah was so scared, mommy."

Kemsha stroked Ashya's hair and kissed her forehead. "Mah poor, lil' sweety. 'hy dem dreams be cru'l ta ya?". Ashya gave Kemsha a tight hug and shook her head. "Ah... Ah dunno, mommy...". Kemsha looked Ashya deep in the eyes. "Sweety, dese balls... 'ow big dem were? 'nd dem were fill'd wif da smoke, ya say?" she asked. Ashya gave a small shrug. "Uhm... lak big as ya fist... ah think... an'it looked lak smoke.. bu'it felt lak... alive."

Ashya sobbed softly. "Ah ran'way from dem, mommy.. ah ran an'ran... bu'dey kept chasin'me. Ah ran thru lands wif bad dogs, an'lak bats... until ah came to a big black oaktree... ah climbed it ta get'way from dem. Ah was so scared, mommy. Dem was all'round da tree... snappin'an'da hissin' lak.". Ashya smiled slightly. "Bu'den ah saw you... an Miss'boppity, an'da otha Shaman... all 'round da tree... an'yas made them all go 'way. An'den da tree got all new leaves, cha? An'den ah wake up, an'yas was 'ere."

Kemsha frowned. "I be 'nowin dat des'rt ya told me. Dat be call'd Silithus, 'nd dat be bad pl'ce.Dem druids of da Cen'rion 'as been tryin' ta deal wif dem bugs. Dem tried ta esc'pe 'rom dem prison in dere. Dat wus long tim' 'go, i wus dere too wif Ux, fightin' 'gainst dem.". Ashya bit her lip nervously. "Mommy? Ya think dem be lak... dem vision dreams?" she asked hesitantly. Kemsha let out a long, drawn-out sigh. "Yah. Ya be torm'nted wif dem."

Ashya nodded and closed her eyes. "Mebbeh da Loa think ah can 'elp? " she offered. Kemsha smiled and nodded."Mmm...ya can but de, Loa be bettah 'ot harass ya wif dem bad dreams all da tim', dat be bad ta ya.". Ashya bit her lip and tried to put on a brave face. "It be jus'dreams, mommy." she said, stiffling a yawn. Kemsha frowned. "Mmm... Jus' in case..." she said, taking some herbs and mixing them in a vial. "Drink dis, it be lettin' ya sleep bettah."

Ashya nodded. "Yes mommy" and took the cork from the vial and sniffed it. "Dis smell yucky..." she muttered, making Kemsha smile. "Oh, but it be givin' ya sweet sleep, sweety.". Ashya raised the vial to her lips and drank the potion, shuddering as it went down. Withing seconds she fell asleep. "Sleep 'ell, mah sweet lil' Ashya." Kemsha said as she covered her with a blanket.


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Re: The Dream

Post  Snicka on Mon Nov 19, 2007 1:29 am

If you keep dreaming such things, Ashya, we might end up raiding Ahn'Quiraj...

We might also enter Zul'Gurub to return the book they've taken from you. (Those who are familiar with Ashya's backstory must know what I'm talking about.)

But oh well, this should be the issue of the "Headhuntin'" forum, not this one.

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