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Aujin's Application Empty Aujin's Application

Post  Aujin on Sat Nov 17, 2007 12:31 pm

Character name*: Aujin
Character race: Troll
Character class*: Shaman
Character level*: 3 but soon 15
Professions: Alchemy and Herbalism
Why do you want to join us?*: I've hear much about this role playing guild and really likes it.
How often do you play WoW?: On afternoons and whole Saturday and about 4-6 houers Sunday.
Roleplaying experience: World of Warcraft 2 years
Character history: Childom in Durotar and have been in a cage by Ogres. Have been beat up meny times for keeping information about hiden parts in Azeroth and outposts. Have been in prison 26 times but allway make my way out of ther by voilace and wrath. Is a good friend to Zujin.
Notes: I'm the same person as Zujin


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Aujin's Application Empty Re: Aujin's Application

Post  Snicka on Sat Nov 17, 2007 12:48 pm

There are two points where the backstory contradicts Warcraft lore: there are no ogres in Durotar, and there were no trolls either, before the Darkspear arrived there a few years ago. Change the location, and it will be a nice one. Smile

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