Guild Meeting 11th May 2009

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Guild Meeting 11th May 2009

Post  Vypra on Tue May 12, 2009 6:19 pm

At the meeting were Ryleen, Zanick, Zinzalji, Jimar, Stargazer, Chabat and Gnaljin.

At the start of proceedings, Ryleen asked for any news that people wanted to share and Jimar informed us that he has found a new place to live out in the Hinterlands.

We were then joined by a new troll named Ros. He is keen to learn all about troll history and took his Oath almost immediately after Ryleen had finished explaining to him who we are and what the Heritage stands for.

Primal Ryleen then read out a strange and disturbing ‘note’ that had been brought to her attention. It seems the details were transcribed from a message left in blood in an abandoned building in Orgrimmar.

Many names were listed and the tone of the ‘message’ appears to suggest they are all to be killed. Those named are all members of guilds involved in the Blood Pact though due to the eccentric nature of the ‘message’ it is impossible to say at this stage if this is factor in the perpetrator’s choice of potential victims.

Ryleen’s advice to those named was to be extra wary and try not to venture out alone, though she refused to take the same steps the Blades have of sending those of their members on the list into hiding.

As Ryleen noted that she had been asked not to tell us of all the details of the ‘message’ I will not record them here, however, She could see no other way of impressing upon us all the seriousness of the situation and any members that wish to hear the full transcript should contact the Primal as soon as possible.

After most had left, Ryleen recalled that she had meant to mention the Forsaken Council again.
It seems that, like the House if Sylvanas before them, we trolls have gotten on their bad side.
Their leader seems to made some spurious claims regarding vegeful Sin'Dorei in search of mysterious artifact. This startling information was followed by demands to give him information on the Gthazagar's Of Orgrimmar and to arrange a meeting with the Brokthar, leader of the guild.

Ryleen agreeed to arrange said meeting but informed the Orc of the Forsaken's motives in the hope that between them, they could find out what the Council is -really- up to. All efforts will be made to keep an eye on their activities without being forced to run more of their strange errands.

~ Chabat ~
Scribe of the Guild

"If we don't know where we belong, it'll make no difference from where we started"


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