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Zanick the scout

Post  Zanick on Tue Apr 21, 2009 9:44 pm

~ Orgrimmar ~

As so often before, when Zanick returned to Orgrimmar after being away for many days, she took the time to visit her old tutor, Master Shenthul, in the Cleft of Shadow. Already the sun was low in the sky and the dim glow from the narrow strip of sky above could no longer compete with the flickering light of the torches.

"So, young Zanick, have you made any progress in your plan to join the army as a scout?" he asked her, as they shared a bottle of junglevine wine.

Zanick gave a big sigh. "Not so far." she replied. "It seems that the ja'da in charge of our military forces do not value me as much as the Zandalari do."

With a snort of dissatisfaction, Zanick leaned forward to refill Shenthul's flagon. As she did so, his gaze caught a glimpse of the talisman that hung around her neck. Sitting back and sipping his wine, Shenthul gave her a meaningful look.

"The Zandalari do indeed respect your skills." he said. "I will speak to Hini'wana myself."

"Thank you, Master Shenthul." replied Zanick, tucking the shadow talisman back inside her tunic with a satisfied grin.

A few days later, Zanick was once again in the Hall of Legends to see Blood Guard Hini'wana. She'd been there every few days for the last month, but today was different. Hini'wana at last had some good news for her.

"You're in luck." the troll said. "They're recruiting a new squad of irregulars - trackers and scouts to support the main troops in Dragonblight. They'll be called the Spearhead Stalkers. I think I can get you in. I'll give you this letter of recommendation. Take the Mighty Wind to Warsong Hold and give the letter to the Recruitment Officer when you get off the zeppelin." He gave her a broad grin. "As long as you've proved your worth to those Warsongs like you told me, it should be enough for him to give you a commission."

"Big thanks, Hini'wana. I won't let you down." replied Zanick using the same Zandali littered with orcish loan-words that is common amongst Orgrimmar's trolls. As she strode out of the Hall, First Sergeant Hola'mahi called out to her: "You made it at last, Zanick. May the loa guide you."

"Ha-haah. Thank you, sista." Zanick replied, barely able to contain her excitement.

~ Agmar's Hammer ~

It was already late in the evening when Zanick landed her windrider at Agmar's Hammer. She had not left Orgrimmar until after the guild meeting that moon-day. So the bitter cold of the fast-approaching Northrend night was already creeping into her bones as she flew to Dragonblight.

Much of her exhilaration had now disappeared. The orc recruitment officer at Warsong Hold had scanned Hini'wana's letter and then told her to report to Gort, one of the officers of the elite Kor'kron Guards based at the Horde fortress in Dragonblight. Something about the way he had said that Gort was always keen to meet new recruits suggested that her difficulties were not yet over.

Zanick dismounted and then dismissed Ku'ura. She quickly spotted Captain Gort speaking with a couple of guards at the entrance to one of the towers. Walking around the central courtyard, Zanick stopped beside the orc officer who turned at her approach. She saluted smartly in front of him and handed him the letter she had been given.

"Throm'ka, Captain Gort." she said in her best orcish. "Scout Zanick reporting for duty."

Gort read the letter with a sour expression, before inspecting Zanick from head to foot. A rumbling growl developed deep in his throat.

"So what have they sent me this time?" Gort looked Zanick straight in the eyes. "Another troll. A female. A troll girl still wet behind the ears, who thinks that she wants to play at being a soldier instead of stoking the cooking fire."

Zanick returned the orc's challenging stare, refusing to react to his mocking words.

"Well, then, Sanek, I'm sure we can find a few duties around here for you to do. Just don't get in my way. And don't expect any of my troops to nurse-maid you." said Gort, dismissively, half turning away.

Zanick took a deep breath, knowing that orcs respect strength, and that she would have to overcome the common prejudice against females and the young. She stepped toward the huge orc. "I need no nurse-maiding, Captain Gort. And I know more about wielding a dagger's blade than I do about using a pot-stirrer." Zanick gave him a steady look, eyes fierce and wide with barely-suppressed fury.

"I am no unblooded youth, unused to hardship or battle." she snarled. "I am no soft-hearted wo'mon to tend the injured. I am a Darkspear scout, and a good one, and I will use all my stealth, all the strength of my arms and all the sharpness of my blades to take the battle to our enemies."

Zanick paused only long enough to draw breath, pleased to see the look of surprise on Gort's face.

"And you will get my name right. I am Zanick, the shadow-thief, Panther-lithe and tiger-brave, Eagle-eye and wolfish-teeth, My reach is long and temper brief, All who cross me come to grief, Elf and human deaths I crave, I am Zanick, the shadow-thief, Panther-lithe and tiger-brave." She took another step until she stood toe-to-toe with the orc officer.

"I am the Darkspear scout Zanick, Cross me once and trouble starts, Deadly fierce and daring trick, My blades are sharp and arrows quick, I scorn all magic with a kick, I crush my enemies' fearful hearts, I am the Darkspear scout Zanick, Cross me once and trouble starts."

Zanick stood her ground, a snarl framing her tusks, keeping her gaze on Gort's face. To her immense relief, after several endless heart-beats, his angry expression broke into a broad grin.

"Gol'kosh! So you do have some fire in you!" Gort slapped Zanick reassuringly on her trollwoven spaulders. "Have no fear, Zanick. We have much need of spirited fighters like you. And I am sure that you and I will get along just fine. I will send word with your orders in the morning. Lok-Tar Ogar!"

Zanick gave Gort a wicked grin, trying to hide a sigh of relief.

"Dabu." she replied. Saluting smartly, she turned and strode off to stow her gear and find the other members of her squad.

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Re: Zanick the scout

Post  Djinja on Tue Apr 21, 2009 11:56 pm

.....shadow thief, panther lithe and tiger brave.....

Nicely written Zanick, and the poem is excellent !!!

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Re: Zanick the scout

Post  Ryleen on Wed Apr 22, 2009 12:26 am

A very nice story of what Zan is up to when she's not with us Smile

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Re: Zanick the scout

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