name change, and character Transfer

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name change, and character Transfer

Post  Gen'jin on Mon Apr 13, 2009 11:12 pm

Well Hello Folks, I've got some Headlines for ya. I always felt as I've Rp'ed two personalities, on Gen'jin. SO I decided to Make an aditonal character. Alas, am TOO lazy to lvl a new character, so I decided To Transfer my Original Gen'jin (a Hunter) to this server XP

Well, as there already is a Gen'jin on this server, i've decided To Rename him, and make him My new Character. Evrybody Meet Zinzal'ji the Witch doctor!

This Character is somewhat the oposite of Gen'jin. He his relaxed and clam, while Gen'jin is more serious. Zinzal'ji is also very Wise, and always have some wisdom and life philosophy to share. There will be more info on Gen'jin and Zinzal'jis Personalitys in "Troll tales", Soon.

- Note: The new Gen'jin won't be able to Transfer, until the name again is avaiable, in 90 days. Gen'jin is STILL the same Gen'jin. he has just, abandoned his Elemental, powers, and now fully rely on the Power of the Loas. He dosen't have a Pet IC, but is capable of somuning a scorpid to fight by his side, an ability granted by the loa.

Todays meeting (April the 13) was cancled, so instead I made a "minor" meeting, with those Online, at the time. Chabat, Dinja, Deyy and Rokalm.

Four Members of the heritage meet in the Valley of spirits, for the weekly guild meeting, but only to discover, a note from Zanick. The days meeting was cancled. However, before they left, they all started to fell strange. As if a some unknown person was nearby. It was Zinzal'ji, a Witch doctor Who had "hacked" himself into the Spirit Link. However only for a short time.
While in the spirit link, He aranged the Present members to meet him at the Great Warterfall in The valley of Honor.
- Then they lost Contact.

The present members went straight for Zinzal'ji however with coutions and suspicion. Who or what was he? When they arrived at the Warterfall, they found an Old troll, bathing in the falling warter. He smiled and Said "Come closer Children". (OK I ADMIT THAT SOUNDS A BUT PERVY). They stood thier ground, and demanded him to tell who he was, and he síghed, and introduced himself, as Zinzal'ji, the Witch doctor. He then apoligied for making such a rude Interfeance, but insisted, he did not had any bad intentions behind. He was looking for his Nephew Gen'jin. He then explained, that since Gen'jin had lost his mother as a small child, and his father had died long before. It was Him who took Gen'jin into his hut, and raised him as his own. he also explained that Gen'jin had grown into a man, beliving he don't need anyones support, and therefore left Zinzal'ji as soon he could. However Zinzal'ji belives that Gen'jin still needs him (we all know Gen'jins Patron Loa Is Same'di the Loa of the dead, and that has always been a burden on Gen'jin).

The other's understood, but was still weary of this strange troll, claiming to be a relative to one of thier freinds. They explained, that Gen'jin hasn't been around for a short time, and Zinzal'ji pondered if it was because, Gen'jin was trying to avoid him, but decided that he would, poke around a little longer, as long the other members of the heritage Didn't had anything against it. The present Members accepted this, but Deyy Warned Zinzal'ji that she would not tolerate, any problems, and told Rokalm, that this would be a good opertunity to prove himself. "Keep an eye on Zinzal'ji, and report if he does any wrong doing". Dey and Dinja then Left, and Chabat and Rokalm, stayed for a bit, pondering the situation. They talked with Zinzal'ji for a moment, then left him to bath by himself. He Shrugged, and continued with his "buissnes".

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