Dedication to the Spider loa

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Dedication to the Spider loa

Post  Vypra on Tue Mar 31, 2009 5:39 pm

Vypra ran up the track towards the Keel, the ground flying beneath her paws. She relished any excuse to transform and feel the unbridled joy of the Wolf spirit. All too soon, she reached her destination and regretfully shimmered back to troll form.

Mere moments after she arrived, the shaman sensed a familiar presence behind her. Ryleen and Gul’Zayne greeted her as she turned and after exchanging pleasantries, they got to the point…Ryleen was ready to dedicate herself to her patron Loa.

After agreeing that Gul’Zayne would take part in the ritual, the three went to change into more suitable attire. Gul’Zayne in his traditional robes, Ryleen in a lovely robe that she clearly saved for special occasions and Vypra in new robe she had acquired for this very ritual.

Where Deyyania had manifested the softer, darker side of Shadra, Ryleen seemed to have brought forth the bright and more demanding aspect of the spider Loa. It would not do to show any lack of deference and so Vypra had sought this robe of soft silk bearing a spider emblem.

As soon as they were ready, Gul’Zayne led the two females to a nearby tree whose leaves swayed with the whispering of the spirits of the air.

Vypra built a small fire and, as she prepared the bowl that would hold the anointing mixture, Gul’ sprinkled his own mixture of herbs onto the flames. He then handed Ryleen a root to help her consciousness reach the right level for the ritual.

The mage took the root and dutifully chewed as instructed despite looking a little uncertain but Vypra had no time to offer much reassurance, her follow shaman had begun the slow rhythmic humming that would build up to the summoning of the spirits.

Taking her cue from Gul’Zayne, she joined her voice with his and they began to move to the tempo set by his rattle. Soon the two shaman danced in harmony as Ryleen looked on, with some trepidation at first, then slowly, her senses overtaken by the incense and the power being raised, she relaxed into the moment.

Feeling the change, the pair turned towards her. Gul’Zayne continued his dance while lowering the volume of both his humming and the accompanying rattle as Vypra raised her arms in supplication and called forth the Loa and spirits to bless the rite.

As ever, static crackled around Vypra as her own Loa showed his approval. Kneeling before Ryleen, she took the required sacrifice of blood from a swift nick of each finger of the mage’s unresisting hand and mixed it in the small bowl by the fire.

Once the anointing was complete, she stood and charged Ryleen to repeat the words of her dedication.

The mage, her voice quiet at first, then growing stronger, declared her devotion to Loa Shadra and the spirit of the spider manifested itself before them. Vypra smiled as the spirit approached Ryleen and she handed over an offering of dead insects to the mage that she might pass them to the spirit.

Ryleen’s expression was one of awe as the spirit accepted her offering and she watched the spot where it faded from view while the shaman bowed respectfully.
The three trolls then danced in ecstatic celebration of the successful ritual until the spirits released them from their hold.

Despite his recent recovery from severe injury, Gul’Zayne declared that the dancing left him feeling more alive than he had in weeks…if a little sore and soon the plans would be made for Ryleen and Deyyania to complete the last stage of this journey and receive the mark of their Loa; Sisters in truth, in the eyes of the spirits.

((sorry this is a bit rushed. there's no dialogue, but as the words of the dedication were essentially the same as for Deyy's, it seemed a bit superfluous. I sometimes i prefer to just give the impressions of the characters rather than their words as it can have more of an impact ...anyway, hope you guys like it Smile ))

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