the first step... (a dedication to the Loa)

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the first step... (a dedication to the Loa) Empty the first step... (a dedication to the Loa)

Post  Vypra on Tue Mar 31, 2009 10:36 am

Vypra walked into the Ledgermain lounge an ordered a drink. Glancing around she saw a familiar Elf. She smiled as Deyyania greeted her and took a seat.

“Hey dere, just takin’ a li'l nip o' brandy ta warm me up.” The troll swigged back the liquor and grinned as the alcohol spread a warm glow through her.

“I've never really been in to the stronger drinks as such.” Deyy commented, “I've been a bit silly with other types, though.”

Vypra chuckled at the admission “Lucky fo' me I got a strong constitu'shun.”

“I guess so.” Deyyania said. Having dispensed with pleasantries, the elf pressed on “I've been thinking about what we said the other night, and I'm ready whenever you are, really.”

Vypra raised a brow “Well, no sense waitin' aroun'. Ya got a robe or som'tin' suitable fo' dis?”

“I have a thinner robe, yes. It'd certainly be better than this somewhat thick one.”

The troll nodded “Alrigh'. If ya got it wit ya, we can head off now.” She stood as Deyy replied “Sure, I have it with me”

The two headed for the Mage portals and stepped through into the cavern at the Bluffs.

“We can fly out ta Sun Rock, get changed dere an' make our way ta Malaka'jin”

Deyyania nodded and followed the shaman to the flightmaster.

Arriving at the tauren camp, the pair went straight to the inn. Vypra immediately began to remove her armour as she searched her bags for her seldom used robes.

“I'll go get changed upstairs then, okay?” said Deyyania
“Sure ting” replied the troll distractedly.

As soon as they were ready, they set out for the troll’s way post. Malaka’jin was a small, secluded collection of huts and trollish ceremonial artifacts.

As soon as they arrived, Vypra instructed her companion to make herself comfortable and prepare for ritual while she made a small fire. Reaching into a small belt pouch, the Shaman threw a handful of fragrant herbs onto the flames while Deyyania concentrated on her breathing and began to relax.

Next, the troll placed a small round pot next to the fire and poured in a shimmering liquid. Leaving it to warm, she then took a bundle of fragrant herbs and held them to the flames until they begin to smoulder

Walking round Deyy, Vypra wafted the incense and chanted under her breath. Smudging was an important part of the process, purifying the seeker before the communion with the Loa.

Deyyania sat, her eyes closed, breathing slow and deep. Taking position opposite her, the shaman did likewise until she reached the light trance state that would allow her to speak with the spirits.

Her awareness of their presence grew with each breath and when she opened her eyes, the air was filled with shimmering colours. She stood and added more herbs to the fire then watched the intently as the elf continued to breath deeply and slowly, relaxing herself into the trance-state.

With a sudden nod, the shaman moved into position, arms raised in supplication.

“Great Loa Hear me!” she called in her native tongue.
“Spirits an' ancestors hear me!
Come forth an' bless dis rite.”

The was the moment of truth. To her knowledge, this would be the first time any that was not troll kin had sought to become a dedicated servant of the Loa. Would the spirits bless the rite?

Static crackled around her as she raised her power and continued in Orcish
“Elortha No Shadra, bless this child.
Deyyania come before ya, ready fo' ya acceptance an' blessing.”

Familiar feelings of purpose and ecstasy coursed through her, she knew the spirits had answered her call. There was a sense of curiosity but no hostility…a good sign!

Deyy’s breathing slowed almost to a stop as Vypra knelt before her, spell blade at the ready. Taking the elf’s unresisting hand, the shaman pricked the thumb and two fingers. Reaching for the small bowl by the fire, she deftly caught the drops of blood.

Deyy, wincing only slightly, watched as Vypra returned the bowl to the fireside, stirring it three times.

The troll feverishly muttered the invocation “Shadra, I call ya ta bless dis Child, Shadra, I call ya accept she as ya own, Shadra I call ya!”

Returning to her position before the elf, Vypra dipped her finger into the mixture and anointed Deyyania's wrists, throat, forehead and lips with the mixture, sealing the anointing with a kiss.

The shaman felt a thrill of excitement as the Spider spirit appeared. Bowing respectfully, she turned to Deyy and commanded “Repeat my words Deyyania: Shadra, here in dis sacred place, I open masel' ta ya essence.” The Elf nodded composing herself.

Opening her eyes, she looked upon the spider spirit and slowly spoke the words “Shadra, here in this sacred place, I open myself to your essence.”

Vypra continued, “In this place an' time, I am changed. From here I walk a new path, dedicated ta ya.”

Deyy dutifully repeated the words “In this place and time, I am changed. From here I walk a new path, dedicated to you.”

The euphoria slowly subsiding, the troll bowed before the spirit as it faded from view. “From now, until ya join da ancestas in da spirit world, ya be da servant o' Shadra. She powa be yas”. She declared.

Deyy nodded as Vypra completed the ritual and thanked the spirits for their blessing.

“Now, all dat remain be fo' ya ta take da Mark o' Shadra.” She smiled

“I am prepared.” replied the elf with a nod.

“Den lets go sista. Ya shoul' celebrate!”

"If we don't know where we belong, it'll make no difference from where we started"

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