Letter to the Warsong Blades

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Letter to the Warsong Blades Empty Letter to the Warsong Blades

Post  Zanick on Wed Mar 04, 2009 1:16 am

This is the letter that Zanick has written, in careful orcish characters, ready to be sent to Haradar Glaivebreaker, Ambassador of the Warsong Blades.

Zanick will explain to Ryleen that she has changed her opinion slightly about what should go in the letter. At the meeting it was decided that we should simply offer to investigate who placed the warning spear in the Blades' stronghold of Kargathia Keep. But, after further consideration, Zanick thinks that it might get more respect from the orcs to just state what the spear means.

Ryleen, what do you think of this letter?


To Haradar Glaivebreaker, Ambassador of the Warsong Blades

As a guild, the Heritage of Zandalar represents troll values and traditional ways. We seek to lead all trolls back to the ancient ways that many have forgotten. By provoking our guild and by showing such disdain for the traditions and freedoms of others, the Warsong Blades give any troll a reason to throw a spear at them; that is, to challenge their authority.

The spear that was planted in the earth in Kargathia Keep was a warning to the Blades of the likely consequences of their actions. If the members of your unit had any respect for the traditions of others they might have learned the meaning of this message.

Trolls fight alongside their orc comrades in many parts of Azeroth and in the Outland. Darkspear trolls are fighting as regular troops of the Warsong Offensive in Northrend. Many members of my guild are amongst those who fight alongside them.

Recent actions by the Warsong Blades have sown the seeds of disunity amongst the ranks of the Horde. This has surely done a disservice to Overlord Hellscream. Our loyalty to the Horde should compel us to refrain from acts that may threaten the Horde's combined military power. We should all be saving the edges of our blades for our common enemy.

I hope that there can be a return to an amicable relationship between us. But the Heritage of Zandalar will never withdraw our opposition to the acts of oppression carried out in Ashenvale or to the contempt that has been shown to your comrades-in-arms.

Steward of the Heritage of Zandalar

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Letter to the Warsong Blades Empty Re: Letter to the Warsong Blades

Post  Ryleen on Wed Mar 04, 2009 10:21 am

*Ryleen reads the letter and then thinks for a few moments before she nods.* This is probably the best way we can go now. We're not outright denying the spear, but not taking responsibility for it either. The rest of the letter is very well written. Let's just hope that the Blades will respond to this in a good way.

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