Guild Meeting on 23rd February 2009

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Guild Meeting on 23rd February 2009

Post  Zanick on Wed Mar 04, 2009 12:54 am

At the meeting were Ryleen, Deyyania, Skeen, Gen'jin, Chabat, Stargaazer and myself (although I had to leave early).

Ryleen told us that an orc named Haradar Glaivebreaker, Ambassador of the Warsong Blades had been sent to talk us out of our opposition to them. He wants us to sign a scroll renouncing the spear as a message from the Heritage of Zandalar.

Ryleen also explained what she has learned about how the orcs look upon us. The orcs value strength, skill in battle, forcefulness, intelligence and mental toughness. They give respect to the older ones in their Clan and they esteem shamans and warriors above other classes. Because of their history, orcs are scared of or hate warlocks. Tricks, cheating and lying are all seen as dishonourable. Illusions are viewed in the same way and, by association, mages are given little respect. Females are generally looked upon as inferior to the males. Generally, any sign of weakness is disapproved of.

This gives our guild a problem with being respected by the Blades. We have relatively few members, so our military strength is considered low. We are all quite young in their eyes. Our leader, Warlord Snicka, is a scout and, in any case, is missing. Our guild's Steward is also a scout and our first officer, Primal Ryleen, is a mage. Half of our high-ranking members are females and the famous cunning of the Darkspears is viewed as dishonourable compared to a straight fight.

Clearly we will have to tread carefully if we are resolve our differences with the Warsong Blades.

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