Veterans can Invite!

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Veterans can Invite!

Post  Zanick on Tue Feb 10, 2009 3:29 am

Up to now, this seems to have been a secret but . . .

. . . members of the rank of Veteran (or above) can invite trolls to join our guild.

We want to bring new blood into the guild. So, if you're a Veteran and you meet some trolls that seem like they can roleplay or are interested in learning how to roleplay then please take a bit of time to tell them about the Heritage of Zandalar. If they are keen to join then you can invite them to become an Outsider with the chance to become Kindred (promotion by a guild officer) if they prove themselves worthy.

We are NOT trying to recruit as many trolls as possible just to make our guild bigger. Definitely not. But if there are trolls out there who are, or could become, good roleplayers then we want them to be a part of the Heritage!

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